Monday, June 8, 2009

Molly saves the day....

Well, my day, at least.

We had to go out of town this weekend, and as per usual, were in a bit of a rush on Thursday as we were last-minuting it to make Herr Ennis's (I mean, my dear, sweet husband's) schedule. Soooo...taking care of a box of Joe Corbi cheese bread I bought at school about 8 years ago (and left in the school freezer for that long, probably) and FINALLY brought home was not really on the big agenda, but certainly needed tending to so it didn't get wasted. Times are tough, you know? I carefully weighed my freezing options--make it fit upstairs and save a trip downstairs (which, is NOT fun these days as hips hurt, legs hurt and belly hurts, not to mention I get out of breath just talking) or suck it up and hit the dungeon. Well, it was my lucky day, as I opened the freezer part of the refrigerator upstairs, saw (imagine angels singing) the PERFECT shelf available and put the box of cheese bread in nice and snug-like. Yes, I realize it was snug, but it worked. Then, I closed it, carefully assessing the risk of it not letting the freezer door close, and imagine my glorious excitement as I stood there waiting for the door to pop open and it DIDN'T! I stood there a good 10 or so seconds, just waiting...and NOTHING. SUCCESS.

Or so I thought....when we got home on Sunday afternoon, I was out on the deck trying to enjoy the nice weather and I hear John going BALLISTIC in the kitchen. Thinking he lost a toe or something, I ran in and saw him slamming something kin to soggy bacon on the island. "What happened?" I innocently asked.

"EXPLETIVE, EXPLETIVE, you left the freezer opened, EXPLETIVE, everything gone, EXPLETIVE, be more careful, yada yada."

Well, of COURSE I left the freezer opened...why would I want to preserve all the food in the freezer? And better yet, I MEANT to do it too!

After realizing (through some encouraging words on my part) that the world was NOT over, it was an accident (yes, I'm a magnet) and it was not worth the yelling and screaming, (remember, happy mommies make healthy babies!) John said he was sorry for getting so mad. Then he added that lovely, "I just wish you'd be more careful."

WHAT THE HECK ELSE could I have done to be more careful? What he MEANT was, "I wish you'd have just gone downstairs and put it in the freezer there." Yeah, well, obviously, me also. HOWEVER, it seemed just fine where it was when I left it.

Then, today, I hear the same grumbling as he complains that the ice maker is only giving crushed ice (the horror) and I probably broke the cubed maker. SCORE! I not only threw dollars away in ruined groceries, but added to the fun with the ice maker too! I rock. He pulled the thing apart and showed me how I fried (yes, little old me) the whatchamacallit that does the whateveritis.

And tells me, "It's a good thing you're carrying a baby."

Hence, Molly saving the day.


  1. Geesh, I can't believe he got all upset when you were obviously just trying to defrost the freezer. Just for that, I'd leave all domestic duties to him from now on.

  2. Oh my.... should I mail him some of those old fashioned ice cube trays so he can POP some out whenever he wants? *smile* I've been having "LDM" withdrawals with no bloggy posts!

  3. A, what does "Herr" mean and B, why not just refreeze the food? No big. Tell John I said he's a dork.