Monday, June 22, 2009

I dare you...

Okay...I dare you to go here, watch the video and NOT cry. I double-dog dare you.

Or, go here, read just a few posts, and tell me that the money you spend on Starbucks in the next month couldn't be better spent. I can tell you it can surely make a bigger difference than the caffeine intake.

And, I can't really even begin to send you to all the sites of all the people who are desperately waiting to bring children to their homes--children they've met and fallen in love with; children they've spent more than a year clinging to hope for, fighting for, supporting and loving--continents away. Try to imagine their heartache and tell me that you don't tear up, even just a little.

It's not just my hormones, friends. I dare you to stay dry-eyed. Even if you do, please pray for those families, and others all over the world hurting for their children. Pray for the amazing people who dedicate and sacrifice their lives to help others far less fortunate then they are. Imagine yourself going into that hole to help that man, and tell me your heart wouldn't be heavy. Our pastor yesterday talked about how sometimes things are not just an issue of unanswered prayer, but of unoffered prayer. How sad.

So, if you will...stop and take just a second and pray for people world-wide whose hearts are open enough and dreams of a better world for all are big makes a difference.


  1. Hey Lori, thanks for the nod. I really feel for the families who are stuck in limbo. And for the children who go another day institutionalized.

  2. I couldn't even finish watching it -- it was too hard. And John, well, he is my hero!!

  3. I didn't see a man with his family in a hole. Did I watch the wrong thing? Just a bunch of baby pictures of a cute kid.