Thursday, June 25, 2009

Labor Day (classes)

Well, I just booked several classes...

Breast-feeding basics. I asked the lady if I shouldn't schedule that for after I actually had a baby and she said, "Well, you'd like to know what do to, wouldn't you?" Um, yeah...well, that does make sense. Sign me up!

Infant CPR and Choking Hazards. We did an Infant CPR class for the adoption requirements, but frankly, we did it ONLINE and I have to say that I had planned on taking an actual personal class anyway. I think I'll feel a bit better with a real baby. Or real baby doll.

Labor and Birthing. 2 hours a night each week for a while or we can do an all-day, Saturday. Guess which one John wants? The get-it-all-done-at-once Saturday option. Frankly, I'd prefer NOT to spend an entire day going through all that stuff, and like the idea of getting the info in smaller doses so I can absorb, but then again, I'm just the mom. Daddy Wikipedia is all about the information overload. Like the lady said, "Four eyes are better than two." Hope John takes good notes because I have a feeling after the first few minutes and words like, "episiotomy," "incision of the anal sphincter or rectal mucosa," "Hematoma formation," or problems with the "recto-vaginal fistula," and I will be GLAZED over and looking for the epidural then and there.

I've also booked acupuncture (for my back, hip and sinuses), physical therapy (back and hip), dental cleaning (not that my gums are problematic, but I love me some clean teeth and if TriCare is going to pay for an extra cleaning, I'm going!) and pre-natal massage. Whew. I'm tired from just using the phone!


  1. Hey busy Momma! Enjoy the massage and accupunction (the cleaning..ehhh, not so much. Be careful you bleed more when pregnant.. or maybe my dentist was just a butcher).
    I also opted for the 1 Saturday.. and my husband was the one in the back of the room gasping "OH GROSS!" during the video presentation. Yeah, classy.

  2. I may ight...but I was told that one was should not get their teeth cleaned while pregnant...I don't know why that is coming to mind, but thought I would pass it along. We did the all day Saturday class too. It was a lot to take in, but all very useful. Tons of notes to go around. Just know that your body was made to do this!