Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello snow...

Well, of course, as we in Southern Maryland face the biggest snow storm of the year (I almost feel like I should get a rose or be told "I'm fired" or "This is the end of the road for you..." when I say that so dramatically!) I am supposed to "trigger" tonight, go through the egg retrieval (ER for those of you who love acronyms) on Tuesday and the embryo transfer (ET) on's hoping that the roads will be ok to travel on Tuesday morning. It's supposed to be pretty heavy duty with regard to how much snow we get (heavy duty for here!) and then it is supposed to stay well below freezing tomorrow and into Tuesday. The clinic is in Rockville, about 2+ hours away. John's loving the opportunity to use the big old truck!

In any event, my E2 level was 1314 today...from 904 yesterday...which is pretty decent. There are about 9 follicles for sure that are of great size, and then who knows what has been happening today and will happen tomorrow? I'm just glad to be done with the shots. Well, mostly...John has to give me one in the badonkadonk at 11:45 tonight. Yep. Exactly. Assisted Reproductive Technology is pretty much amazing.

Here's to a snow day (I'm guessing) tomorrow and some great follicle aspirating on Tuesday and Embryo transferring on Friday. It's going to be a great week!


  1. Happy follicle gathering. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Know that they are coming right back to you. Hugs B :)

  2. Happy bodonkadonk shots! I wish we had snow days here :) It just snows and snows and they never give us a day off!!