Monday, March 23, 2009

Gifts and good news!

Well, this morning, we got to get up again at 4:30 so we could be on our way to Annapolis for a 3 minute blood test. WELL WORTH IT!

The general consensus among doctors is that your HCG levels should probably double every 48 hours or so in the first 2-4 or so weeks after, based on that formula, my numbers from Thursday (180) should hopefully have been about 720 an indicator of good progress. Basically, they'd (you know--THEY) like your HCG to increase about 60% every two days.

I got a lovely call from the nurse this afternoon....



"Your numbers are great!"

"Really, what are they?"



"Wow...that's a high number, huh? How are you feeling about one or two implanting?"

"Well, it won't be confirmed until your ultrasound, but you are well above doubling your numbers, so you should probably prepare yourself mentally for multiples...that's a GREAT number for one, but I certainly wouldn't rule out multiples...just mentally begin preparing."

Well now, y'all know I am TOTALLY mentally prepared. I'd love it. Of course, I'd worry about the risk for the babies, but...TWO? BOTH? What a blessing!

So--the ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, April 3. That's where we will see RFBF again (it's been a while!) and see whether there is one sac or two. I pray for two, but am so grateful just for the pregnancy itself--

If you are like my brilliant husband, and are interested in the math of those lovely numbers, here's a breakdown.

Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 153 % and is considered adequate.
First hCG: 180 mIU/ml
Second hCG: 1154 mIU/ml

hCG Difference:974 mIU/ml
Time Difference:96 hours
Total hCG Increase:5.41 % (6.4)
Daily Rate Increase:59 % (1.59)
Two Day Rate Increase:153 % (2.53)

1st Day hCG As If:286 mIU/ml
2 Days hCG As If:455 mIU/ml

Um....yeah...did you note the 153% increase? Yeah...a little bit better than 60%? WAHOO!

In the meantime, sweet little baby gifts from the sweet little girl of a dear friend. Little D is an adorable little 6 year old, and her mommy told me she was very excited to buy gifts for the baby. I was excited to see them!

I LOVE that the little Eric Carle rattle pack is for TWO!


  1. YES! YES! What great news! I cannot wait until April 3rd! :-)

  2. This is the first thing that has happened which has made my wait in Kyrgyzstan more palatable. Let's hope my referral in Kyrg comes homes soon and beats your baby (or babies!) home! That way everyone would be thrilled!

    Kathy W

  3. OH LORI!!! I haven't checked blogs in a while.. and OMGosh.. I am over the moon for you!!
    so stinking excited!!!!
    I am pulling for twins... that would be so awesome!!!!
    Love ya girl..

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm doing the happy dance for you :)

  5. So wonderful that your other options are working out BEAUTIFULLY! :)

  6. Prepare, prepare, prepare. As a mother of "multiples," all I can say is prepare, prepare, prepare. And keep in mind that nothing can "prepare" you for this. If you want details, call me.
    Grammar Queen, "y'all" is spelled like this.:)

  7. Stupid different accounts!!!

  8. Your numbers blew mine out of the water. I'm banking on twins! Happy dancing all over West Texas!!!!!

  9. Praying for twins!! Congratulations!!

  10. I just checked your blog today, and how happy to see your good news! Those are great numbers. Sounds like twins to me!

  11. P.S. I saw on another blog where you asked about a white crib. You can get a clear plastic teething guard for the top rails where they are likely to put their mouths. I say go for what you want!