Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another card...

Okay... working in the germ factory that I do, I apparently have picked some little cold/flu type bug up. (I tell those little critters to STAY HOME when they are sick, but oh, no....they love coming to school and learning...what are you going to do?)

So yesterday and today have been yucky, with yesterday, thankfully, being worse. Worse to the point that I was crying because my head and throat hurt so much. And I was refusing Tylenol, about the only thing considered to be remotely safe for pregnancy. Well, now that John has turned into uber-attention man, he of course did research on what to do. Realizing that I had a temperature, he (and I) both began to worry about cooking the babies on too high heat. So, he convinced me to take a Tylenol. One regular strength. And it helped, a bit.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat even worse than yesterday, and still an aching head. Not quite the temperature, though...I typically run a little lower than most--97.4-97.9 is more my norm range, so when I hit 99-100, that's usually not so great for me. We took my temperature a few minutes ago and it was 98.9...not terrible by any means, but still a tad higher for me. I asked John if he thought I should take another Tylenol and he said, "No. It's not that high."
I said, "Well, I still feel like crap."
He said, "Yeah, but at least you're not burning the babies."

Hooray for me! Here's the card:

Front cover (A sad face and bottle of Tylenol): "Sorry you feel like crap"
Inside cover (A big smiley face): "But at least you aren't burning the babies!"

He's a funny boy, my husband.


  1. Hahaha! I can totally hear John saying this! I miss you guys sooo much! I also hope you get to feeling better.

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  3. Oopa, sorry I left deleted the last one...trying to fix my typing errors!! I hope you feel better soon!! It is never fun being sick while pregnant :( hee, hee I am so excited....YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!! I love saying that, "Lori is pregnant!" That brings smile to my face!!

  4. FYI
    I took Tylenol PM during the entire pregnancy with both Sydney and the boys. They have turned out perfectly fine. So far.
    Hope you feel better soon. When I was preggo with Sydney, any kid that came in my room and even LOOKED sick got sent directly to the nurse. And then I used Lysol and antibacterial wipes anywhere the kid may have touched. I was so paranoid! Still am for that matter! FB quiz on how many kids you should have says I should only have one because I can't let go of the germ thing! Wonder which one I should keep!!

  5. Tylenol is really safe, but don't take my word for it, call your OB/gyn!

  6. Lori, Tylenol is perfectly okay when you are sick. There are other things you can take for head congestion and other ailments but I don't have a list with me because I am not at work. I am an OB/L&D nurse and we have a list of drugs you can take when you are sick. Just call your OB office and see what they would advise. I hope you get to feeling better soon. You can e-mail me anytime if you have pregnancy questions.

  7. Sounds like the strep that I had. Call the doctor. Can't risk baby--and you feeling miserable!