Tuesday, March 10, 2009


WOW! What a lucky gal I am! Sooo many people surrounding me (and RFBF) with their prayers and love and well-wishes!! I am truly honored and touched!

So...update? Well, this is the lull! Not much to update. I take the beta test on the 19th and that will be the official update. In the meantime, I'm still taking the estrogen and progesterone, so even though I am "Pregnant Unless Proven Otherwise," even if they fail to implant, I still get to feel pregnant for a while because of being so hyped up on those hormones. Hooray. Which means:
  • Nausea
  • Ravenous hunger and then disgust the second I put food in my mouth
  • Swollen ovaries (making less room for my bladder and more frequent potty breaks!)
  • *TMI ALERT* "The Girls" spilling out of their poor little pitiful Over The Shoulder Pebble Holders (Which, by the way, are asking what the HECK this "Cup Runneth Over Thing" I've got going on is all about!!!)
  • General fatigue

Oh, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope for nine more months of this. (I really, really, REALLY do. Seriously. I know I am sarcastic. Not about this!)

I DID find out some other news...of the four remaining embryos not transferred, one continued to grow pretty healthily and was frozen for later use. I had predicted maybe one would, the 6 celled one. Or maybe even the 5 celled one. NOPE...one of the little 4 celled ones!! I couldn't believe it! But, like I have been reading (and quoting) MANY a healthy, lovely and bright little child has been born of slower growing embryos...soooooooooooooooo....that's good news. IF this cycle doesn't work, I do transfer that one before we have to do drugs again. IF it DOES...well, then we transfer that in a year or two when we are ready and hope to be blessed with another child.

I must say...I've been so sad about the 3 that didn't survive. I totally, truly and wholeheartedly believe each of those fertilized embryos were lives...and I really feel a sense of loss for their inability to keep growing. It's bittersweet.

And, on a sadder note, I got an email from a former student from years ago...I found out a dear and sweet former student of mine, a boy who had a really troubled life and with whom I connected (and at one point, looked into adopting), is going to be a daddy. He's 14. I cried and cried this morning. So much potential he had...all he needed was the right people in his life and the right environment.

And in a nutshell...there it is.

Oh, and Cindy--we had talked about Sam I Am! But when two came about, we went Redfish, Bluefish! We're hoping that turns into Pink Baby, Blue Baby!!!


  1. I was just sitting here wondering if you were puking? Ahh... the joys of hormones and pregnancy. I continue to pray for RFBF/PBBB and for you. I am so sad to hear of the boy who is going to be a dad at 14. Where is the justice in this world -- it's so very sad to live in a world filled with sin which is why such things happen. *sigh* Continue updating!!

  2. 14...that is so sad. God has a reason for that baby being here but oh my goodness, 14. That's just too young.

  3. Hooray for PUPO! I am so happy for you and your hubby! Can't wait to see your twins... If you only knew... And I sure hope you get to!
    I share the sadness of your loss with you. You and John did create six lives and I mourn the loss of the three with you. Giving you a big hug.

  4. BTW, I love the term "Blog Stalking." That is what I will do until the 19th. Fabulous terminology! Thanks for creating it other reader!

  5. I actually read few blogs (Who has time with 3 boys and everything else going on???) but I can'tmiss yours...you have the greatest sense of humor and I always find myself chuckling when I read your blog :-) OK...FRBF it is, but can we name the remaining little frozen one Sam I Am? Please? We LOVE Green Eggs and Ham here at the LaJoy house!

    14 years old and a daddy-to-be, one has to wonder what the plan is in that, but I guess He has one of some sort.