Friday, March 6, 2009


I love that term. LOVE it. Thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful friend for giving it to me. Thank you LORD for letting me wear it...even if (and I am not being pessimistic, I'm being realistic in understanding that I am too human to understand God's will sometimes, and that's the price I pay as a human...) it is just a short time I get to wear it, I love it and am so hopeful.

PUPO--Pregnant Unless Proven Otherwise. And, here to make their official debut...One Fish, Two Fish, here are Red Fish and Blue Fish:

These two are the cream of our truth, the one looks a little fragmented to me, and that's not necessarily the best, but all the research says that many a healthy and beautiful child has come from embryos far more fragmented...besides, bless their little hearts, they fit right in the scheme of my crazy life, right?
Dr. K called this morning before we headed out there and told me that where as the day before they were all only 2 celled, now we had 2 that were 8-celled (the ones above, though finding 8 cells is hard) 1 that was 6-celled, 1 that was 5-celled and two that were 4-celled. The remaining that were not transferred will continue to be nurtured and babied to see how much they can grow and if they can make it to 10 cells, they'll freeze them for later use. Sadly, I don't think the poor little 4-celled ones are going to make it.
I realize that the subject of In Vitro is very ethically divisive and full of opinion. So, before anybody decides they need to comment or email me about the pitfalls of all this, again I say, DON'T BOTHER.
I have never been more amazed in my life than this morning watching the doctor insert in me two living and GROWING parts of me and John...and whether they implant or not, don't think for a second that I am not grateful for the LIVES I think them to be. I've had everything from "Well, maybe you were just meant to be a real mom" (like an adoptive mom is NOT a real mom? Bite me.) to "Even if it doesn't work, you can technically say you've been pregnant and that's a lot more than a lot of people get" (Seriously, I am WAY aware of how blessed we are to be able to participate in this program and that others who 'deserve' to be moms don't get this me, I KNOW!)
I have prayed over every decision involved in this process, and talked with several dear friends I know would give me honest, Christian opinions. We prayerfully decided what would be done with any that we didn't transfer, and feel that we are making decisions as God would have us make. No, the Bible doesn't really dictate much with regard to protocol for IVF, but it does dictate protocol for life, and it is to be valued. Which is what we have every intention of doing.

And, if RFBF (Redfish, Bluefish) implant, what joy! If they don't, we'll continue to pray for the peace of knowing that God is in control of our lives...whether we get what we want or not.


  1. I think I should say congratulations? I am still praying for you and hoping those cells just keep right on dividing and growing! Enjoy the hope that is alive in you!

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! If, as Christians, we view this as life, then you are indeed already truly guys have created potential life. Whether it implants or not, the life is still being created with the cell division. The ethics of this can be hard, and just as with adoption it is NO ONE'S business!!

    We had many reason for not pursuing this route...didn't want to face the ethical and moral dilemmas, didn't have coverage for the costs, and most importantly for us it was obvious we were meant to adopt as we had always planned on it anyway long prior to discovering we weren't good at babymaking :-) As you already know, the story had a happy ending!

    May yours as well....

  3. PS: How about "I am Sam" from Green Eggs and Ham instead of Red Fish Blue Fish?????

  4. They're just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (and thank you for the update, I've been blog stalking you ALL DAY!)
    Here's to continued growth, Momma!

  5. What exciting news! I am thrilled for you and John and RF BF - Wow!

  6. I think this is awesome! And I agree with Cindy, you're already expecting, congratulations! We're behind you all the way. Whatever way God chooses to bless you with your children, it is amazing. Enjoy every minute..even when you have your head in the toilet ;)

  7. Hoping they BOTH hang in there! Best wishes!!! :)

  8. Congrats on being pregnant!! I hope you get to meet this beautiful life in 9 months :) Praying for you girl!!!

  9. Wow, this is incredible! Thank you for sharing it with us. I swear I have a lump in my throat and teary eyed! Congratulations and all the best of luck to you and your husband!

  10. Lori,
    I've popped over to your blog here and there, but never commented as of yet. I just want to send lots of good thoughts your way. Here's to being PUPO!!

    Take care, stay well and I look forward to checking back again soon :)


  11. Congratulations Lori! I am so excited for you. A child is a child as far as I am concerned and they are all gifts from God.

  12. Hey Lori,
    I have been out of town for a week and I am just now catching up on your blog. Boy, was there a lot going on for you this week to say the very least!

    PUPO!!!! I will be praying for you every day and will ask my bible study group to pray for you as well. Hang in there girl! Love ya'!

  13. Things have been C.R.A.Z.Y around our house this weekend, but I have been CONSTANTLY thinking about you and your babies. I am so prayerful that this works and the cells keep doing what they need to do to grow and thrive. Congrats on PUPO (great term, BTW) with RF/BF. Let's hope they turn into "Pink Baby" and "Blue Baby"!!! Hugs!!

  14. hey girl..
    we are praying for you and just know thinking of you as well... PUPO.. love it.. and RF, BF look great...

  15. Woo HOOO!! Glad you are pregnant! Praying they come to meet you in person!!! Twins? Yeah!!! Don't people say the darndest things? I'd like them to come over to my house one day and try to tell me I'm not a real mom:)
    I love your detail, since I didn't go this route it's cool to hear all the gory details! I am one tired mom these days, too busy to post, even email, maybe one of these days I'll get a chance!! When these 2 are born you will know almost exactly what I'm talking about!

  16. So??? How are RFBF???? We need an update!!!