Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two is better than one, right?

Okay, after some mild disappointment yesterday over only 6 embryos coming of 12 mature eggs, I received some more mildly disappointing news today. My doctor called me and told me the embryos were doing great. (His words) He then told me that the transfer was scheduled for tomorrow and he recommended the transfer of two. I asked him about cell division and he said they were 2-celled. Now, seeing as today is Day 2, the outlook for them would be better if they were 4-celled. I asked him what he was looking for them to be tomorrow and he said 6-8 cells. Well, I think that is a low estimate, as the consensus amongst most well-known reproductive endocrinologists, including Geoffrey Sher, is they are looking for 8-10 cells at transfer. I was pretty much confirmed in this because he recommended the transfer of two embryos. Up to this point, he has been VERY adamant about the need to only transfer one, as the pregnancy rates are about the same for one or two, but the multiple rate is significantly higher with two embryos transferred vice one. Well, today, he changed his tune. The basic deduction from that is that the embryos are not as high a quality as he'd like them to be--therefore he wants to up the odds by transferring two...something that he's pretty much against normally. So...

We go in for the transfer tomorrow. I PRAY that they have at least divided into 6 cells because otherwise, there is no point...they are not growing as they should and this cycle will be for naught. I'm going to go with them being much like me, a late bloomer, and hope that in their tiny 2-4 celled DNA, they have MY ability to come along STRONG in the end....Because if left to John's...well, let's just say that I STILL don't have my bookshelves, some walls painted, the deck's not done, the trim in the living room is still marred and his thesis? Don't even ask....


  1. Praying too that your wish will come true!!!!

  2. Praying for quick multiplication!!! good luck tomorrow

  3. You know Lori, I have never given any of this any thought, as we never walked down this road. I was reading this tonight and thinking to myself how interesting it was to imagine your child currently outside your womb, dividing...dividing...dividing...becoming more human with each moment. It really is kind of wild, isn't it?

    I'm praying that things work out however they are supposed to. Thanks for sharing all of this, I am learning a lot from you!