Monday, August 2, 2010

Smiling At Sixteen Weeks!

Today we are 16 weeks and saw our favorite guy, Dr. Sweeney. (He's even John's favorite guy, so it's ok to call him that!)

Luke is definitely a Luke! He was not cooperating at first with the showing of the parts, and in fairness to him, his mommy does have a nasty habit of airing all his goods when he shows them, so hear! hear! for his modesty! Dr. Sweeney got him to show his stuff, though, and said, "I think we're settled. It's a boy!"

To which I promptly replied, "I accept!"

He has really grown in the last two weeks! The pictures we got today were just amazing...rather, the pictures I got. John had to go back out to the boat this week, so I videotaped, but have no idea how to do much with those Flip videos yet (the software is driving me nuts when I try to trim a video so I can just have a little part to show) and he'll have to view when he gets home. That's ok, he likes to view them on his giganta-screen in the basement, so we'll save them for that. The 3-D pictures were precious! We got a couple of profile pictures, in which I was able to very clearly see his daddy...just what daddy looks like when he's sleeping! In my favorite, we got his face full-on and he was SMILING!

I've never seen one of my babies smile...and this picture was such a treat! More, he definitely has his mommy's (and grandma's and great-grandma's and big brother's) chin and I love it!

He's measuring 16w3d, so give or take a few for the fact that it's ultrasound, and he's right on target. He weighs 5 oz., which is a whole ounce and a half better than average! Woohoo! His heartbeat was 151 and he's just precious. I said he was so sweet-looking and Dr. Sweeney said, "He's beautiful, just like his brother." Yep, that's why we love Dr. Sweeney. I feel sort of bad leaving them with the goodies I did today. I tried a new recipe--cookies and cream brownies, and frankly, I wouldn't have touched the edges of those brownies with a 10-foot pole. They were HARD. Like rock-hard. I don't know if it is because of the oreos baked in or what, but ick. I told them to eat up to the edges but not bite into them because I couldn't afford a round of crowns for the staff. He gallantly (and before he actually tried them!) said they'd devour them like always. Hmph. I would not.


My placenta is still covering my cervix. I asked Dr. Sweeney if he'd still call me 'low-lying' or actually previa. As I (in my head these last several weeks) thought might happen, it's placenta is completely covering my cervix. I figured it was bound to happen. This was an IVF pregnancy and it's my second baby and implantation occurred about 4 months after a fairly rough emergency c-section--all risk factors for the previas and accreta. Super. Not surprising, though.

I'm not worried. I broke down on my Google ban and looked it up a bit more, and that sort of started to scare me a bit, so I stopped. Dr. Sweeney is not worried. He says it's early, there's time for it to move, and I'm heavily monitored, so unless I start bleeding (which I haven't and would IMMEDIATELY jump to the doctor's ASAP if I did), there's no concern right now.

I believe him. Dr. Sweeney loves us and loves this baby and if he's not worried, I'm not.

Seriously, I'm not. I'm very surprised by the peace I have right now.

Still no weight gain, and I actually lost a pound (back to about 97-98) but this week I've been sick still, so...didn't ever take the antibiotic because the cold took John by storm for about 2 weeks and he has the immune system of Superman. So, me and my compromised, pregnant immune system will take a bit longer. I'm feeling a bit better every day and am very glad I didn't needlessly take the antibiotic. So, again, take THAT, Madame PA.

Finding his heartbeat more and more easily on the doppler, which makes me feel much better. Honestly, I am emotionally feeling good, all things considered, including the use of that word in light of the situation. I'm looking at nursery themes, and feeling like it will be a tropical fish/aquarium theme. I want something bright and colorful and John and I looked at those themes for Matthew but the Ahoy Mate just perfectly fell into our laps.

I love this baby. I love him more and more each day. I remember telling God, "Good luck restoring my joy."

I'm not sure, but He probably laughed at me and said, "Oh yeah, watch this." Actually, I doubt He laughed...He knew my hurt. Knowing that hurt, though, He knew He'd have to do something amazing and miraculous. And along came our Luke.

Which is not to say that I feel like my heart will ever be complete again, not while a piece of it is in Heaven...but I can say that Luke brings so, so much joy into my life and my heart and I am so grateful for every second of every day. My cup runneth over.

Here are a few pictures:
Mommy and Dixie at 15w6d

Luke's profile and little hand

This picture just SCREAMS Daddy to me!

So much like Daddy!

Sweet boy smiling!! "Hotel Mommy" still has it!
Here's what's going on with the Lukester this week:

Week Sixteen: Facial expressions are possible

(Not just possible, but definite! That boy is SMILING!)

You are 16 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 14 weeks)
  • The fetus measures nearly 5 inches (12cm) from head to buttocks.
  • The fetus weighs about 3.5 ounces (100 grams).
  • The fetus is covered with a protective soft down to regulate its temperature.
  • Fat begins to form underneath skin.
  • Baby hears external voices, sleeps and dreams.
16 weeksYour baby has learned to breathe. This is apparent from the regular movements of his chest, inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid. These actions help the lungs to develop and grow. More developed facial muscles may lead to various expressions, such as squinting and frowning. Your baby now weighs more than their afterbirth. The baby can grasp with his hands, kick, or even somersault.

You are showing more now and have an obvious swelling in your lower abdomen. The rest of your body is still changing. A total of 5 to 10 pound (2.25 to 4.5 kg) weight gain by this point in your pregnancy is normal.

The crown to rump length of your baby is 4.4 to 4.8 inches (11 to 12 cm). Fetal weight has doubled in 2 weeks and is about 3.5 ounces (100g).


  1. Love the updates and LOVE the pictures. Especially the smile :)

  2. You guys both look great! I love Luke's smiling picture. He is a happy baby already.

    As for the previa, I had it completely with the twins at 18 weeks. When I went into labor with them at 23 weeks, it was completely out of the way. My doctor said it was normal to have previa so early then have it move. I will be praying for it to move for you. One less thing for you to worry about!

  3. Sending you love Lori. You look gorgeous. Praying for you sweet friend.((HUGS))

  4. Yeah for amazing doctors, 3D ultrasounds, heartbeats, and happy pregnancy photos!

  5. Oh, wow!!! So much to be joyful about -- excluding the previa (for which you're so well monitored) and the brownies (which you won't be serving again) -- that I can hardly contain myself. I LOVE these pictures of Luke!

    I have got to get you that PB fudge recipe...

  6. You both look beautiful! I'm so glad that you are feeling peace! Congrats on another gorgeous little man! =)

  7. What incredible pictures, Lori!! I'm loving the beautiful smiles on both of your faces. ;) Love you!

  8. lovely update lori, i love that i am only a week behind you, i can always read about what my baby is about to do lol. little luke is gorgeous and i love that he smiled, sending love xxx

  9. So happy for you Lori! Hes beautiful and you are glowing =) And we REALLY need to fatten you up, I dont DARE tell Mady that she now weighs more than you do lol. I just love seeing the pictures of Lukes progression and the updates you give us of what is going on from week to week. So he can Smile (check, hes his mommas boy, that smile :) hear outside voices (are you singing and reading? Ofcourse you are lol...and he can dream...that has always stumped me, if a baby in the womb can dream, what exactly are they dreaming about??? Yikes that could get deep huh! Okay. Big hugs and I cant wait til the next Sonogram...guess you havent got John talked into that home machine yet?

  10. You put hope in my heart with each post <3

  11. Wow, you are one beautiful little mama! I love the smile on Lukes face. That is just priceless! Your spirits seem brighter today, and that is wonderful! I actually had a previa until about 24 or 25 weeks with Eli. It eventually corrected itself. I am praying that yours does the same! Isn't it just wonderful to have such an amazing and caring doctor! You have blessed my soul today! Hugs!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing the picture of him smiling. Seeing examples of the individual personhood of these very young babies helps my grief hugely.

    For what it's worth, my youngest daughter (2.5) started out as a complete previa and then was low lying and finally moved just enough out of the way right at the end to not interfere. Caleb was low lying and Gideon's is too but I figure it will move out of the way in time. Since the last 2 didn't interfere with their births.

  13. awwww Lori , just love love love this post.!!!!! how beautiful are your ultrasound pictures. They are amazing and your Luke is so handsome. Sending you lots of love and prayers. Xxx

  14. Lori, I am so full of joy that you are full of joy. God is awesome..I'm realizing this more and more each day. You are so beautiful. And that picture of you is simply radiant! I see the joy on your face. Love you and little Luke! He's a cutie, just like his brother. =)

  15. I'm so happy to hear such great news! Everything seems to be going so nicely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the placenta makes it's way up and out of there.

    You look awesome. And I love that Dixie poses with you.

  16. I so get the joy factor of having Luke in your life. I feel so blessed to have Liam right now, and he is healing my heart like nothing else could have before him. I still have days where I'm afraid, but for now I'm just enjoying him so much. I'm glad you're doing the same for Luke! If we lived closer I just know they'd be buds!

  17. He is beautiful! I am so glad that you got to see him smiling!

  18. Oh Lori, your post...your pictures...the tears are just streaming down my face! Happy tears, yet tears understanding how the sorrow of sweet Matthew will always remain.

    I am so happy to hear that Luke is doing so well! And I LOVE the picture of him smiling! And you!! Warms my heart!!!!!

    Hugs to you sweet friend, and a pat to the tummy to little Luke!

    Heather (heathershope - HP)

  19. :) So glad that this day turned out good!!! Luke is so adorable! Can't tell you how happy I am for you guys. God bless...still praying!


  20. Yay for Luke! We all love you baby, and can't wait to see you! Thank you for the smile ... your mommy REALLY needed that! : ) xoxo

  21. Oh, I just love the picture of you. Your bump is so adorable! :) I am so loving your ultrasound pictures. I have a ultrasound Monday so I am hoping they will determine the sex since I will be 16w3d.

  22. I am loving these pictures of your smile girl!!!

    so beautiful!!

    And I agree, I think Luke is tried of his junk being flaunted around lol...That smile is perfect!!



  23. Just beautiful Lori! I can't believe he is smiling:) How adorable is that! I know it's a small comfort and really doesn't matter because everyone is different, but I had previa as well and it cleared up later. I will pray for the same for you. I'm so thrilled that you are in great hands.


  24. So, so beautiful.
    So happy for you, Lori.
    Thinking of sweet Matthew and new baby, too. You look gorgeous.

  25. I have NEVER seen a baby smile in an U/S and I've seen quite a few through the years. Wouldn't you know that you'd have the "show off" :-) Of course, how could he NOT smile with a mommy like you? He knows he's got it good!! If you need some weight, can I send you some of mine???

  26. JOY, that is what fills my soul :) Praying for you, Luke and John as you journey on. And so happy to see you smiling and enjoying this sweet littl man.

    HUGS and lots of them!


    my secrrity code is Barkies, how funny!

  27. Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE the picture of him smiling!!! He is adorable!

    I had previa with my first till about 25 weeks and then it moved, so I wouldn't be too worried just yet.

    I just love the updates. Keep them coming. Oh and I have a little secret of my own that I can't wait to share!!!

  28. Oh my word, Lori...he is just beautiful!! I can't believe the detail in those ultrasounds! Wow!!! And you are just gorgeous with your sweet baby bump. Rejoicing with you today...

    Love to you,

  29. love the pictures, the updates, and the smile (baby's and yours!) so very, very happy for you xx

  30. Beautiful pictues and I just love watching seeing how happy you are. You and your family are in my prayers, keep writing and keep healthy.

  31. I'm finally getting caught up a little! Sorry about the previa and hopefully it won't cause any problems. A couple of the twin moms on my IVF board have it and so far they haven't had any problems with it.


  32. Definitely smiling, how amazing! He is adorable. And you look so cute and so happy. I am glad that you feel that peace. I love when that peace comes over me, it truly is amazing to feel.