Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rebel Yeller!

So last week, a sweet friend emailed me and told me that they saw something that reminded them of Luke because he was already showing what a, um, personality he has! He stays up and parties all night, eats all the junk food that he wants, whenever he wants, and is constantly ordering things for himself with Daddy's credit card. (She was alluding to one of my FB statuses where I noted that Luke had ordered himself a pizza since Daddy was flying at night and he even used Daddy's credit card to do it!)

Whereas Matthew leaped for joy every Sunday morning as traveled to church and he listened to Elvis gospel tunes on the way, I just get the feeling that his little brother is in there wondering when I'm going to start jamming to AC/DC or something along those lines.

He's quite the little Rebel Yeller, this little Luke. I love it.

We saw Dr. Sweeney for what will be the last time for another 3 weeks (I know, I know...I'm VERY spoiled in how often we go!). We go out on our cruise this Saturday (provided the hurricane situation doesn't affect things) and then when we get back, we told Dr. Sweeney it was ok for him to take a vacation, since we know how hard he works and all. So, by the time he's back, it'll be September 20 before we see Luke again. Seems like a long time, but I know it will just fly with all going on in the interim.

Luke was pretty chill yesterday. Actually, it was more that he was sleeping off the all-nighter he'd pulled the night before. He was measuring 19w6d (which is just perfect as I was 20w0d) and a respectable 11 oz. He definitely looks like he's filling out some! He was practicing some yoga, avoiding pictures, and swallowing amniotic fluid quite a bit to get those little lungs good and mature.

He's kicking more and more (mostly after meals and at night...alllll through the night!) and John was able to feel him two nights ago. I love that the kicks are getting stronger! Keep growing, little one!

I started measuring my waist at 8 weeks and wish I'd started a hair sooner. It was 30 inches then. (When I first told this to John, he said, "Are you sure? That big?" Yes, if my husband wasn't so clueless about some of the things that come out of his mouth, I'd have some BIG issues with him. Seriously. Like 30 inches is big. Not to mention I had just had a baby about 4 1/2 months before. And was PREGNANT again. Geesh.) I measured earlier a few days ago and was at 33.5 inches. I measured this morning and was the same. So, I've added 3.5 inches. I've also picked a few pounds up. The average for the last week's nights has been 104.2, but for a few nights, I was back in the 102s. For this week's progress, I'm going to go with 104, which means that I've gained a total of 4 pounds so far. I know this is going to start changing rapidly.
It already is.

Luke likes his food. He LOVES his candy. He has been on a caramel kick like you read about. Bull's Eyes can't be consumed fast enough and I think the words Sugar Babies were written for babies like him--that seems to be what that boy is made of. So, he's been rocking the caramels and sour skittles. Good energy for his nighttime parties, right?

Here are some of the most recent pics of my boy. He's quite Bad To The Bone, if I say so myself!

Mommy and Luke at 20w0d

Good grief, people...don't you know how late I was up last night?

Knees to nose...to have that flexibility again...(or ever!)

This is his Fonzie Thumbs Up! "Ehhhhh"


I hear my mommy has a thing for sweet feet!!

Getting plump!

Look at those sweet cheeks!

I'm getting tired of this!!

Lights out, people. Lights out.

Here's how Luke's developing:

Week Twenty: The halfway point

You are halfway through your pregnancy, 20 weeks marks the midpoint. Remember, pregnancy is counted as 40 weeks from the beginning of your last period if you go full term.

You are 20 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 18 weeks)
  • Baby now weighs about 11 ounces and is roughly 7 inches long.
  • Baby is 17cm long crown to rump, and weighs about 310 grams.
  • The baby can hear and recognize the mother's voice.
  • The mother will probably start feeling the first fetal movements.
  • The toenails and fingernails are growing.
  • The growth of hair on the rest of the body has started.
  • The skin is getting thicker.
  • The heart can now be heard with a stethoscope.
Your baby may react to loud sounds. Baby can actually hear noises outside of the womb. Familiar voices, music, and sounds that baby becomes accustomed to during their development stages often are calming after birth. This is an important time for sensory development since nerve cells serving each of the senses; taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch are now developing into their specialized area of the brain.

20 weeksYour baby now weighes about 11 ounces and at roughly 7 inches long they are filling up more and more of the womb. Though still small and fragile, the baby is growing rapidly and could possibly survive if born at this stage.

NoteNote: Babies are measured from the crown (or top) of the head to the rump (or bottom) until about 20 weeks. After that, they are measured from head to heel. This is because a baby's legs are curled up against the torso during the first half of pregnancy and very hard to measure.

Weight: 10.6 ounces - 300 grams
(crown to rump) 6.5 inches - 16.5 cm
(crown to heel) 10 inches - 25.5 cm.


  1. so happy that things are going well <3 continuing to pray for you,john and little luke.

  2. I love all the pics of sweet Luke!

  3. I just love how you get all the 3d photos! And you look great!! Tell John 30 inches is nothing! Btw, would you believe I was 25 inches before Madelyn? I had gotten measured for something the month I found out I was pregnant, and my exact measurements were 32, 25, 32. I just measured again and now I'm at 37. So I'd say you're doing pretty good!

  4. you are too cute!!!! i'll join you in that ac/dc jam! gotta have beat!!!!:D

    you just keep on growing luke!!!!!! we can't wait to see you on the outside with your handsome self!!!!!

  5. So lucky to get so many awesome pics! I wish I could get a 3D one at my doctor's office!

    Luke sounds like he is going to be one cool guy. :)

  6. You look fabulous!! And I love to hear about all the good news...

  7. Your bump is so sweet!! Luke is adorable!! the weeks are adding up and im loving hearing him grow...if John thinks 30 inches is big...i wanna hide lmao....but for your little tiny body i can see how he'd think that..I am praying you get a safe cruise this weekend...i remember how excited you were to go on it when you booked it :/

    that little Luke!!! so so so cute!!

  8. Soooooo precious!!! Those pictures are amazing of Luke!! And you look absolutely gorgeous!

    Hugs and belly pats to you and Luke!!!

    Heather (heathershope - HP)

  9. Hehe. I'm glad I didn't offend you with that remark. :) And, more than ever I'm so excited for what I picked out. You are adorable (as always) and Luke is too cute! Hope you have a fabulous time on your cruise.

  10. Luke's quite a character - he's letting you know already that he's going to be a really fun teenager.

  11. What a sweet blessing! Sounds like fun...A Rebel Yeller always makes life interesting. Some of my favorite people are a little rebellious! =)

    Adorable picture of you...love it! Keep soaking in the joy...continuing to pray for you!

  12. He sure does look active in there! :) I am loving the 3D photos!

  13. Rub the little Rebel for me! I'm so happy that he is thriving and that he loves junk food! Cheers to more Sugar Babies :)

    Lots of love,
    ps you look amazing!


  14. I think of you and Luke every time I see sour Skittles at the store. :)

    It sounds like you are just soaking it all in, loving life and loving all your boys. I hope the hurricanes don't disrupt your vacation!

  15. I LOVE all the pics! He's so cute! It's amazing how they develop a personality even in the womb!

    AND you look fabulous, I say keep on eating that candy! You may have even inspired me to go get some sour skittles! I used to love chewy runts, but they stopped making them. Maybe on to the Skittles??

  16. BTW...you're comment about him already being a rebel made me think of the hat I already bought for Jackson at Old Navy..it's black with a skull and cross bones! I thought it was hysterical! Maybe Luke needs one?

  17. Congrats on the halfway mark!Sounds like my Evan and your Luke are two peas in a pod. I'm jealous of your 3D photos...I don't go back until the end of September for my final ultrasound and can't wait to see how much he's grown!! In the meanwhile, I'll just live vicariously through your photos....:)

  18. You are one hot momma!
    And I would never be brave enough to measure my waist...pregnant or not!;)

  19. these pics are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful trip. If it is any consolation we cruised during a big hurricane (I think it was Rita I can't remember the name though) and the ship just sort of sailed around it. Besides a few extra waves, we had no idea it was even happening. They had to skip a few stops, but they replaced them with others so all worked out. Have a great trip!

  20. Luke: a typical attention-seeking, spirited, rambunctious "look at meeee!" little brother (I should know; I have one myself). The thought of "him" using Daddy's credit card made me smile...Mommy's little Partner-in-Crime already? I'm with Matthew, though...Elvis over AC/DC any day.

    Speaking of him, my daughter asked me to use her new face paint yesterday. I asked what she wanted me to (attempt to) draw, and she said, "A red fish." I immediately thought of *your* Red Fish. Made me wonder how many times a day, in how many places in the world, Matthew is thought of? I'm thinking many.

    I know several people whose travel plans are being threatened by Earl and Fiona...hoping your much-deserved trip is able to go as planned.

  21. In one of the pictures he looks like he is praying. I was thinking, "Yeah little dude, with all that midnight party'n you've been doing, time to pray about it." Then I thought, "Party on little fella!" What a joy to read about little Luke and his whims. Thank you for sharing him with all of us! I so hope you cruise goes well!

  22. I can't BELIEVE how clear all the photos are. Technology is simply amazing these days. Makes me want ... NOPE!!! :-)

    Word verification: witymoa as in "I can't be wity (no) moa." Yeah, groan, right?