Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Sweet Giveaway!

The always adorable Kelli is having one heckuva giveaway!! It's a photo session with Blue Lily that's worth over $450!!! The thing about this giveaway is that Blue Lily travels and you should see the list of places they will go!!! Before you think they won't go near you, check out their list first!

Visit Kelli for the details on entering. She makes it super easy!


  1. Here's to someone winning this beautiful gift and then sharing the photos with all of us :)

    Sweetest Lori,

    Hope that you are well today, as I am sending love and a BIG hug your way just because. And you look absolutely adorable by the way. Praying for you always.


  2. Thanks my love! You are too sweet and adorable. Hope you are feeling well and taking it easy!