Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, Dixie was scheduled to have a big day today--agility this morning and the Golden Retriever Rescue group's Howloween party. I just *know* her skunk outfit would have been a big hit. Ha ha. Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated at all so the party was cancelled. We did have agility this morning, and then I came home and made cookies and dog biscuits (before I knew the party was cancelled) and then decided we needed to try our new camera out on Dixie's costume. She can just as easily be humiliated without a party as she can with one. And bless her heart, humiliated she was...

This can't end well....

How humiliating...

I thought they loved me...

At least I'll hold my head high...

Now, before anyone goes and calls PETA on our abuse of her (Mala!), here's proof that she had a fun morning at agility class. She won't ever be a star, but she certainly gets good exercise and is good at some things. HATED the tunnel and didn't like the little A-walk up, but she rocks at jumps and the big A-Frame. Note the cream cheese bribes we had to use to get her to do some of the activities. That girl is s*p*o*i*l*e*d!

This morning before agility...she loves playing with daddy!

I do EVERYTHING to please my daddy! Are you happy, daddy?

Dixie and her Golden friend, puppy Annie

Doesn't she *look* like she's interested in the teacher?

Oh yeah, I ROCK the A-frame!

I'm a super jumper!

Doesn't the look on her face seem to say, "Yeah, right. Like I'm going to walk THIS,"?

"Well, maybe for some cream cheese..."

Even the trainer conceded to the cream cheese. Hey, whatever works.

"I'm only doing this tunnel for the cream cheese, you know!"

After a few tries (and several dabs of cream cheese), she made it all the way through the full tunnel.

She's had quite the day.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That first picture is PRICELESS!!!! Her look says it all!

    (Don't worry Daisy, once Matthew is born you'll be off the hook.... Sorry Matthew... your turn!hehe)

  2. Sweet Dixie. Such a sweet, sweet girl. I hope her life doesn't change too dramatically in the near future.

  3. This post made me want a dog (and I am not a dog person). Dixie is a lovely girl!