Sunday, October 11, 2009

A whole lotta love going around!

Yesterday was one of the loveliest events I've ever been privileged to go to and it was *mine*!!! Well, mine and Matthew's! We were the guests of honor at a baby shower held at historic Mulberry Fields, and it was wonderful! The ladies who put it together did a phenomenal job with everything--the food, the games, the little touches here and there...and the setting was one that few will have the opportunity to experience. Again, I was truly overwhelmed with how loved and cared for we are, and how generous and kind dear friends are. I had several of my dear North Carolina friends come up--those who really have 'been' with us since we started to build our family years ago--and their coming was such a blessing to me. Many of the people who help make Maryland "home" and who were so involved in all the day-to-day IVF progress also came and reminded me of how blessed we are to have such a caring support system. Matthew, when you read this one day, know that your Aunties Nanci, Shelby, Tina and Deb put on one heckuva shower and did it all for you! Your Aunties Rose and Robin and Natalie traveled a long way to celebrate you--and it's all the more special that they have been waiting just as long as we have practically! Grandma brought you all sorts of goodies and can't wait for another little monkey in the family. Friends from every aspect of my life came and supported us--and are all so excited to meet you.

You are a very lucky little boy and mommy's cup runneth over.

Mulberry Fields--where Auntie Deb is Lady of the Manor

The back of the house, which is really the front

Walking in with God-daughter Eryn...feet already swollen and ready to swell more!

Upon entering, I saw this absolutely precious remembrance of Grandma Jane...very special...

The feast!

The fabulous shower ladies---Shelby, Tina and Nanci

What's in the diaper game???? (Hint, melted chocolate smells horrible to a pregnant woman! I'd rather have poop!)

As you can tell...yuck!

Daddy's baby spoon from 36 years ago...

Can't wait for Christmas Day with Matthew!

A little monkey for our little monkey!

Auntie Nanci LOVED buying these Hokie things for us. NOT! She's a Wahoo, but we still love her!

Eryn and her WeWe! She was a great tissue paper manager!

Daddy made it at the end...after the Hokies crushed Boston College, of course!


  1. Awwwww... sounds like a great time!!!

    ...and that house!!! Oh wait, not a house, is it? Manor. Do we have Manors here in New England?

  2. I was just sitting her thinking about how long we've "known" each other now and how so very, very glad I am that you've gotten to experience this blessing of being pregnant with Matthew, the showers, the ultrasounds (yes, the feet swelling, right?) and the anticipation of his birth. I'm so happy for you, my friend. God has blessed you so much and you so richly deserve it all. HUGS!!! 43 days -- wow!