Friday, October 16, 2009

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog's Tails....

Someone asked me yesterday if I wasn't just a little disappointed that I had all the girl stuff that I did...the cashier at Target asked this when she rang up the CUTEST little onesie (Daddy's little wingman for $1.48--couldn't resist) and told me she wished *she* was having a boy but was having a girl instead. After telling her about the girl room we had before we learned (or were confirmed, in my case, ahem) Matthew was a boy, she said, "Oh...that stinks. All that for nothing."

Well, not really. There was a total and completely thought out plan for the last nearly two years and that plan, though not what we'd choose, was exactly what we were supposed to follow. We've *met* people we'd never have met, had our eyes opened to situations we'd never know about and wouldn't be exactly where we are--which is just a few weeks away from my sweet baby boy.

And while I admit that I see sweet little girl things all over the place and think about how precious they are, I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely in love with the idea of a baby boy I am. I've said it before, that I feel especially honored to be the mom of a son, but more than that, I am really excited about the things that mommies and sons share. Not so much on the snakes, one can deny it--boys sure do love their mommas! I also think that the last several months of have been ones in which I have had lots of opportunities to really learn about the differences between boys and girls and I'm really excited to foster an environment where my little boy *doesn't* feel like he has to be a fabulous reader at 6 months old and that he'll be allowed to explore and learn the way he and lots of other little boys do. I am committed to not pushing him to be anything other than who he is, even if that goes against every Type-AAA gene in my body! I told a friend the other day that if he decided to go to community college before he went to Tech (which, of course is where he'll have to go--on that, we can't negotiate!) so that he could really be sure about what he wanted and to give more time to be ready to be on his own, I'd be FINE with that and I really will. If he brings home Cs and that's the best he can do--well, we'll thank God he did the best he could and celebrate whatever successes we can.

If he's hyperactive and a handful and keeps me on my toes every second of my day, I will thank God for the opportunity to watch His wonderful creation in action (and be thankful for any sleep or rest I get)! His daddy and I might fall in the category of 'highly energetic,' so who better to keep up with that than us?

So, to answer the cashier at Target (who of course was maybe all of 19 and had the luxury of even thinking she could be picky about the sex of her child, instead of being grateful for the miracle of the child itself) who asked if I wasn't a little disappointed, I can firmly and wholeheartedly say, "NO!" I am thrilled beyond belief, and cannot wait to have my sweet little boy to cuddle with and love and help grow into the man God created him to be one day. Not too long now....


  1. I love your attitude about having a boy! I've actually had friends tell me they "wouldn't know what to do with a boy"!! I just tell them you have to learn how to make sound effects for everything and then you'll be just fine ;).

    You are right -- boys do love their Mommies! Not a day goes by that Caleb doesn't give me a big kiss.

    Congrats again on the blessing of a sweet baby boy :).

  2. Boys are great - snakes and all! You'll have lots of fun~!

  3. Throw out the stereotypes...boys totally ROCK!! They are NOT all hyper, they are NOT all poor students, they are NOT all rough and tumble...and then some are all of those things...just like girls are all different.

    Wouldn't trade my own three for all the girls in the world.

    But I will admit I'd sure ADD to my three!!HAHAHAHA!! And hopefully SOON!

    Would't it be a hoot if we both "delivered" on the same day?

  4. I'm glad we had a girl first becauseI got that out of my system. On the next adoption, boy. And I have had so much fun with him, our third adoption was a boy. And, if by some freak accident we were able to adopt again--boy. Its the boys that climb in my lap and snuggle, its the boys that want to hold my hand and walk with me, its the boys who are my constant companion. My daughter is definitely daddy's girl--and that's fine. I wouldn't change a thing!

  5. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boy. Don't for a minute think they are less than girls because they certainly are not. You are SO going to enjoy this little one!!!

    AND... were it not for thinking M. was going to be an E. you and I wouldn't be friends!!! I'm so glad we are.

    Oh, and email me your address. I have a little something to mail you for the wee one!

  6. And while you're e-mailing your addy... please send it to me too please.

  7. Yep I want a little girl but there is not a little girl anywhere that I would think for even half a sec of trading any one of my boys for! BOYS are awesome! Can't wait to read all about what a sweetie your little boy is!!!!

  8. You love your kids, period. Yes, it's fun to have a girl, but we are ALREADY fighting over clothes! At least Alex waiting until four to do that.

    Oh, and a boy to adopt is next on our list as well!