Tuesday, October 6, 2009

33 Weeks...

Wow. Where has time gone? I can't believe it's just a few weeks away. Hopefully, more than just a few, but since I hit 33, I'll take a few! I only have a few more days of work, and they're half days at best. I readily admit that I am tired and dragging, and as sweet as all the kids are in their hugs and wishes for me to stay, I am SO ready to be off my feet more and not push myself.

The last few days have been pretty uncomfortable. My *hope*, sort of, is that Matthew is turning...something feels different, I have a strange and new bulge on my right side, which has been the source of the pretty consistent pain, and I almost think he is trying to turn and is now not so much breech but transverse. I am no doctor, of course, but it sort of feels like he's that way. Our next ultrasound is in 20 days, so we'll see what happens from that. My next OB appointment is Thursday, and I imagine she can sort of feel around and figure some things out as well. I like the certainty of the ultrasounds, though!

John and I had our Breastfeeding Basics class last night. Yep, John too. I just think it has been amazing to watch John through this whole pregnancy. He is SO the nester, SO enjoying every second of it. I am enjoying as many seconds of it as I can, but it certainly is easier for him without actually HAVING to carry the extra 30+ pounds, deal with the uncomfortability and worry about how this kid is coming out! I'm glad...I am very blessed and grateful that he works hard, plans and prepares and I can stay home and be with our little miracle. It's only fitting that he gets to enjoy every little thing he can about the pregnancy! I DID find it funny, though, that after our class last night, John was the one who came home, opened the breast pump, explored it and got the low-down on it. Ha ha. Just like always--he can figure it out and tell me how to do it.

As far as the class itself, I am still very glad that I will try to breastfeed. Our teacher was a cute little lady and animated enough to keep John interested. Of course, he found time to work his Crackberry during class, but...what can I do? All in all, it seems like the whole little team of lactation people there at the hospital are pretty great, and there's lots of breastfeeding support. Funny--when I reserved the class back in June, I didn't realize that I could actually be using it just a few weeks later. So....here's to several more weeks. I hope.


  1. Yes, please keep him in a lot longer. My boys were born at 34 weeks and I don't recommend it to anyone. I know it's uncomfortable, but just think about how safe you're keeping him and how much good a few more weeks will do him. I promise it is so worth it.

  2. The little guy in your pregnancy ticker looks like a little boxer! MUCH better than the baby in the produce bag.

    Wow, where has time gone!!!