Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mommy gets it honest....

I have been cleaning things out and trying to get organized (ha ha) before baby comes and have come across some fabulous things. One of my favorite? A letter to Matthew's Great-Grandma, Geraldine Gosnell. I should mention that my Grandma Gosnell was one of the dearest people in my life and truly someone that I have modeled (or tried to) model my life after. When I read this letter to John, we were both just tickled.

I won't tell you the stationery it is printed on until the end....

May 22, 1974

Dear Miss Gosnell:

News of your thoughtful telephone message has reached me, and I just want you to know how grateful I am for your continued support and encouragement. You may be sure I will be doing all in my power to merit the faith you have placed in me.

With my heartfelt appreciation and best wishes,
Sincerely, (printed on official White House Stationery)
Richard Nixon

I just love, love, LOVE that my grandma didn't just feel the need to write a letter, but to actually CALL the president to let him know what was on her mind. It's very obvious where my 'activist' spirit comes from--from my grandma to my mom to me. Matthew's gonna have a time because last night, his daddy told me that when he retires from the Marine Corps, he's going to run for local something or other in our area because he's so tired of the same 4 names running the county. Where did HE come from? I tell you, whether it's me or the Marine Corps or just John becoming a bit more ornery in his old age (my guess), he himself has certainly become quite the activist and advocate as well. least if you get all advocate on us you'll have have the support of your mom and dad. And Great-Grandma Gosnell!

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