Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full-Term! We made it!

Hooray!! It's November, Matthew's birthday month. Good thing he's a boy because his birthstone is Citrine, not a favorite of mine, and he won't be disappointed that he doesn't get pretty birthstone jewelry. I know, I know...the logic I come up with sometimes. In any event, as much as I like Opal, I'm SOO glad he made it to 37 weeks and is doing fine!

Our appointment yesterday was great. Of course I freaked a bit when we first went in because the sono tech was just going to check to see if he's breathing and moving, but not his growth. I was under the distinct impression we were there for the sole purpose of checking his weight and growth. Her concern was that the measurements aren't exact and that he could very easily have gone backward in growth just by standard measure of error and I'd be tormented. Yeah, she was probably right, but I still wanted his growth assessed. She then tried to tell me it was like brownies--if you keep checking every 5 minutes (or week), not much change is noticed. Give it 45 minutes (or a few weeks in between) and voila--awesome. I got that analogy, but still said, "Assess!" I'm glad I did...he was 4 lbs., 13 oz. last week and yesterday he was 5 lbs., 9 oz!!!! He was in the 21%tile for growth, and was measuring where a 34-35 gestational age baby would be, even though he's 37 weeks. That's ok, though, the measurements *aren't* exact and even if they were, that's not *too* far off the reservation. Next week, when we go back, they will just check to make sure he's breathing and moving and won't assess growth. I'll be ok with that. I guess.

When we got home, John pulled out his super-duper growth curve chart that includes something polynomial or something like that (that brain of his...I'm still always impressed by his amazing brain) and charted Matthew's weight and it was right where it should have been and maybe a bit above. Long story short, at this point, he is not IUGR, certainly won't be a very low birth weight baby and probably not even a low birth weight baby. He may be SGA, but that's not a big deal at all.

Matthew's line is the one that breaks off on the top. I tried for an hour to use Photoshop to put an arrow in and finally gave up because every time I put an arrow in, the whole picture would turn to a grey and white checked box and I just don't have the patience to figure that out. I know, I know...I have Photoshop for Dummies upstairs but frankly, I'm too aggravated. I don't understand most of this, but the part I like the best is that for him to not be Low Birth Weight, he'd have to be at that little blue triangle at 40 weeks. He's there now, at 37. I of course wouldn't question John's math, but the doctor's numbers yesterday said he was measuring about 35 weeks. SGA must be some specific differences.

He's breathing up a storm! I admit--for all the reading, reading, reading and more reading I've been doing for the last, oh 10+ years, when the tech said, "He sure is happy and moving around and doing a great job of breathing!" I thought, "Well, duh. Of course he's breathing. He'd be dead if he wasn't." Ummmm....no....he's just practicing. He's getting all his oxygen through me still and the cord was very blood enriched and nowhere near his neck. We were talking about him breathing in the car and John told me that his breathing was just practice and his oxygen came from me still. Again, that John...full of very useful info. I've been getting every week-to-week baby update known to man, and I guess I've glossed over the whole 'practice' breathing thing. His breathing is great, though, and his lungs are obviously doing a great job! He scored a 8/8 on the biophysical profile, so all was well there.

He also has HAIR! I have no idea how they can tell that stuff, but she was looking at his head and said, "Oh, he has some hair!" She showed us something on the screen and for the life of me, I couldn't see it, but then she said, "Oh...look...there's some fringe hair right at the bottom, right over his neck." So, Matthew may be born with a little old man-head, or a mullet. Grandma said that is definitely an Ennis hairstyle, and his daddy had that hair-do for a while too. I was born with a ton of hair, but then lost it rather quickly and didn't get any back for about 2 years. I can't wait to see it and even more, can't wait to see if it's curly!!!! However his hair is, it will be perfect, but I'd love some little curls!

As we walked out of the doctor's office, I felt bad that I had been a little frantic about him measuring small and the insistence that we check his growth. I told Dr. Sweeney I'd bring baked goods next week. Let me tell you, that Dr. Sweeney is great. He said, "Lori, let me tell you about a group of people I know pretty well. I like to call them 3rd Trimester, 1st-time moms whose babies have something a little less than perfect, like only one kidney. They're nervous and anxious and you are in good company. You're not bothering anyone!" Gotta love that man. John just laughed and laughed.

I still gave them the preference for chocolate chip or blueberry muffins...and may throw a little fudge in there for extra thanks.

After the appointment, we stopped at the mall to look for a camera bag and now that it's November (though I saw the first Christmas commercial on October 26), all the holiday stuff is out. We got the cutest little ornament and I can't wait to put it on the tree!

John woke up this morning and said, "Matthew, are you ready to come out now?"

I took the liberty of answering for him: "No, not today."

I don't feel so bad saying "I can't wait" though, because if he *is* born today, he'll be just fine!


  1. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Wonderful wonderful news! Your concern for Matthew is touching and you are going to be a great mom.

    Also, your doctor's comment made me smile, gotta love a good, supportive Dr. ... that makes a big difference. ( :

  2. Happy for you that here we are in NOVEMBER! Wow! And I was thinking back on how many times I have thought about your blog title and low & behold you ARE doing Maryland... not Kyrgyz, Pakistan, Russia not even some other domestic state... NOPE Matthew will be born in Maryland just as you stated from the beginning.

    Oh and just a note on the birth stones.... none of our sons have an especially boyish birthstone color but our daughter's is Sapphire! Would NOT have been my choice for her. She was premature too so sapphire wasn't supposed to be her color stone but OH WELL Sapphire it is. Atleast they DO come in lots of other colors too but typically they are BLUE and I am so done with blue. In the end it really doesn't matter at all tho!

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you!!!!!

    Can we start guessing dates??? I'm guessing Nov. 18th but then again, I'm going away the weekend of the 13th and I've been having a strong feeling Matthew will arrive that weekend.

    Now, I know your bags are packed and ready to go (right?), but more importantly do we have a plan in place to LET US KNOW!!!!!!

  4. I vote for curls too!! And Anara seconds it :)

  5. HOW EXCITING!!! Although, I will say, that chart stuff is WAY over the top for me. I don't have the energy to figure it out. You'll understand that statement very soon. When you give birth, part of your brain falls out in the process. Well, I just CANNOT wait. Will you blog or FB during labor - hahahaha!!!
    Oh, and if we are guessing dates: Nov 21 is Josh; Nov 22 is Kevin; Nov 6 is my Gotcha Day, Nov 26 is my anniversary (but since it's Thanksgiving I'd go for another day if I were you!!). Hmmm... any of those days work for me.

  6. I'm going with Nov 19 in honor of three good friends, two still with us one with our Creator. It's a wonderful day!

  7. So happy to hear that his growth is good.
    As for dates, November 11 is our Chipmunk's birthday and November 21is Monkey's Gotcha Day. Those are both fantastic days! Not too much longer now!

  8. To my dearest nephew Matthew- don't worry! You still have the Muniz branch of the family that will make sure you have access to trampolines, skateboards and Power Rangers. Aunt Pretty promises that you will be okay and she will never graph your height and weight!