Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Showered at School!


You are SUCH a lucky boy! Mommy's school friends threw a shower for you at school and it is very obvious the we are blessed! You got so many kind, generous and thoughtful gifts today and I cannot WAIT until you are here and using them!!! Lots of soft blankets, cute onesies, fun toys and so many sweet little cards and personal things! I am just overwhelmed at how much love was shown today!

The best part is that there was so much FUN! Right before the shower, mommy realized that she had lost her diamond ring! It has been bothering my finger terribly, mostly because of swelling, and I took it off and put it on my pinkie finger. I planned on putting it RIGHT IN MY WALLET, but got caught up doing something and realized about 10 minutes before that it was GONE! Talk about freaking out!!!!! Auntie Deb and Auntie Tracy started looking all over, and we put an all-call out on the speaker in case anyone found it! Little did I know that at the same time we were looking for my ring, Deb, Tracy and the rest of the school were also looking for the UPS man....who had the decorations for the shower! So, the all-call was, "If you find a diamond ring, please turn it in to the office. If you find the UPS man, GET HIM!" THANKFULLY, we found the ring....and then Deb and Tracy said, "Well, we have to tell you. The UPS guy has the decorations. They were supposed to be here by noon and they're still not here and well, we have to go down to the shower."

I nearly peed my pants laughing! I know if I had been planning it, I'd have been disappointed like they were also, but honestly, after being so relieved that the ring was there and just being so grateful that friends at school wanted to do something nice for us, who cared about the decorations? I sure didn't...and it was JUST the type of story that I want to remember about a shower! Somehow, the more the fiasco, the better...and really, it's just a lesson in laughing, because really, what else can you do?

So, we headed down to the media center and started to hang out for a few and guess what showed up? The DECORATIONS!!! Ha ha! Bless their hearts, everybody started to tear the box open and get the favors and decorations out and up! It was so comical, but just so perfect! All in all, it was a great time, there was a lot of fun and laughing and I was just enveloped in so many thoughtful and kind wishes. I'm glad you were there for it...although you were kicking me the whole time and I was having some Braxton Hicks!!!

Here are a few pictures from the are a very lucky and loved boy!

Hanging the decorations that made it!

Auntie Deb and Auntie Tracy...I don't even look (that) pregnant!

Isn't this clothesline of gifts ADORABLE? You should see the cute basket it was in!

Isn't this card the SWEETEST???

HOLY COW are you a lucky little boy!!!! I'm a lucky mommy!


  1. It was one of my favorite things about being pregnant: baby showers! I LOVED baby presents -- absolutely loved looking at them for hours and thinking about how [Josh] he would use them, wear them, look in them. Enjoy it!! I'm glad you found your ring!

  2. Awwwwwwww!!!! Looks like you have some fabulous friends!

    Glad you found your ring!!!!!!

  3. Wow! That is quit the haul you got ;) I'm glad you had such a wonderful shower. It is so much fun to open baby the thank you's are another thing...

  4. Glad you found your ring!! As someone with a naked engagement finger, I know the ring panic (mine never did show up).

    Your shower looks like it was wonderful. Glad to see Matthew is so loved already by your friends! You look well stocked for his arrival.

    Now, sit down, put your feet up and drink some tea or something and have that husband of yours bring you things until due date time. You deserve some downtime. ( :

  5. You are one of the cutest pregnant women, so no, you NEVER look huge!! So glad you had fun...GREAT stories