Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're OFF!

Okay...it is about 7:19 (about, though) in the morning here on Tuesday--6 hours ahead of my Eastern Time Zone. John made it in okay yesterday (yippee) and we are on our way to Lake Como. Then to Vincenza. Then to Greek Islands. Then to Nice/Cannes, France. Then to Provence. Then somewhere else French. Then back to Stuttgart. John is taking me WAY out of my comfort zone by insisting that we just drive, see a nice place we might like to stay, ask them if we can stay there, and then just be part of the culture. SOOOOOO not me. I realize that I am WAY out of the culture, and feel uncomfortable about trying to blend. It doesn't work so well for me....Just like in our country, you hear people ALL the time, "Why don't they speak English?" Well, for those that live in our country, I believe they should learn the language of the land. For those visiting, though, bless their hearts...what can they do but try. For the most part, Germans and especially the French in Strasbourg have been helpful. I TRULY appreciate that. So, not only is this a vacation, it's a whole new version of immersion therapy for behavior modifications for my anxiety over change. Guess it will be nice to get me ready for Kyrgz.

Au Revior, Aulfweidelsein and Ciao...forgive the spellings for all those....


  1. I am so happy you are finally starting to enjoy yourself albeit out of your comfort zone. Have a great time in Lake Como and if you stop by George Clooney's cottage, please say hello for us!

  2. I grew up much of my life near Lugano Switzerland only about ten minutes north of Lake Como. If you get a chance it lends itself to a beautiful stroll on narrow cobblestone alleys.Enjoy some nice uninterrupted strolls before baby comes.