Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ramblings and musings...

Okay, for the ramblings...

I love that I just paid about $1300 and spent countless hours of fretting on the whole CPA package only to find out that it was for nothing. Mostly.

I love that on Wednesday at about 11:30 in the am Eastern time, I spoke to my caseworker, and she told me what the home study packet HAD to look like and about 48-52 hours later, I get an email that says to change it all. AFTER I HAD IT CERTIFIED in the county that was 2 plus hours away (and on the day of the great gas incident, no less) and I will have to do several things over again and hike up there AGAIN, but not for at least another 3 weeks.

I love that the state AND FBI clearances we ALREADY had are no longer good (or needed) because apparently now the fingerprint cards have to be part of the package.

I love that my doctor, who was WONDERFUL and willing to do ANYTHING needed to help this adoption process go through was REASSIGNED to Bethesda, and I will now have to desperately try to get in touch with her somehow and beg her to continue to help me, though I am no longer her patient and that's asking a lot of her.

I love that all these little bends in the road have happened and we haven't even sent the darned dossier in.

Now for the musings...

Today we went to an international festival in some nearby town called Sindelfiegan or something to that effect. I marvelled at the myriad of cultures I got to see.

I find it funny that in one week, I have gone from freezing and stealing my nephew's sweaters to sweaty thighs and sunburn (only lightly) and that the weather truly is ever changing from minute to minute.

And last, I believe it is hysterical that, according to this book called Do As The Germans Do, a book on what we can do to understand today's German culture, the Germans find people who smile all the time (or unnecessarily, as they say) are considered to be foolish, weak-minded, and maybe even a little mentally challenged.

I guess they call me crazy. Smiling to people, especially to strangers--no, wait, German strangers, is just fun to do.


  1. Oh I know! That really stinks that you did all that CPA stuff already right before she sent us the new list. I was JUST now looking over the new requirements and realized the CPA piece is now ONLY that one financial sheet? Can that be true? I wish you were home and just in the next state to me because I really would love to call you right now and go over it all page by page to sort it out again. We're in a pickle too with regard to the medical because we had that lab work done in April (thinking we were gonna move quickly thru this) and it says the lab work is only good for 6 months too (not just the Dr. signature) so I feel like we're gonna have to do that all over again. And also our Dr. license expired 12/31 which will only give us 5 months not 6 as it says you should have minimally. ugh.

    okay enough complaints.... keep enjoying your vacation! I hope you're taking lots of pictures!

  2. Oh Lori,I totally get the dossier frustrations.We spent good money getting all that CPA stuff done and now we do not need it all.Then again we will do what ever it takes to get our little one home.I laughed when you talk about the German culture since I am one of those central Europeans myself!It is interesting to see how other cultures view what you consider normal.Schone abend.

  3. I knew as soon as you found out about all the CPA stuff, you would be slightly put out. I am SO sorry about this happening after you got everything all finished. That is the definition of irony, I think.
    I know you won't, but PLEASE try to forget about all this and enjoy Europa for the rest of us. A