Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It just gets better and better...

Well, let's recap a lovely day in descending order of severity--if I can, that is.

First, my sister miscarried. She was only about a month along, it was a surprise but a true blessing, and she (and I) are heartbroken. She has lupus, and two children, but between her two children, she suffered 9 miscarriages. Now, I won't lie and say in truth, as her sister who loves her, I HATE that she and her husband (who would like a biological child together) even contemplate pregnancy because of the trauma to her body, but as a woman who desperately wants a child, who am I to say what she should or shouldn't do? In any event, heartbreaking.

Second, I found out my doctor is transferring to Bethesda. Now, for many of you, that makes no matter. For ME, it is devastating. I have chronic issues (asthma, allergies, not as strong an immune system as most) and I finally had in my doctor, a military doctor who KNEW me, trusted me and took time for me. NOT TO MENTION IS THE DOCTOR WHO COMPLETED MY MEDICAL EXAM FOR THE DOSSIER THAT WILL PROBABLY NEED UPDATING IN A FEW MONTHS. I emailed Ally to see if this was going to be a problem, considering that when the medical certificate needs updating, and it will, it will be a different doctor--same military clinic--but different doctor updating it. And let's just hope that doctor is as understanding of the need to be 'flexible,' if you will allow the term, in dates. AGGGHHH.

Third, I emailed the CPA basically asking her to just take the freaking dates out and have not heard back. WHY NOT? It's a basic YES OR NO and needs to be done before Friday afternoon when we are supposed to get it notarized. I do not in any way question her integrity--I admire it--but I really just need a little bit of flexibility here.

School is wrapping up (thank God) and it is HECTIC. We have several things we are planning for this weekend and I have SO much to do I just feel like I am so out of time.

Oh, and did I mention that I am leaving for Europe for a MONTH in one week and 2 days? Uh, yeah, add that to the agenda. I haven't even begun to plan for that.

On the appreciative side, please note that I put as last the fact that I haven't planned for a MONTH-long vacation to Europe? Please! What a whiner I am. Forgive the previous ranting...but pray for my sister. She's just beside herself.


  1. The loss of a child, or even the dream of a child, is devastating. I will pray for your sister. Lupus is a hard disease. I used to manage our state's lupus office. My mother has lupus. Pregnancy and lupus is difficult, so more prayers are offered for the lupus as well.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry. Losing a baby is so hard to deal with. I will pray for peace for her and you as well. Dealing with CPA stuff and end of school year and planning to travel is rough. You'll get thru it all though I know! It's so hard to relax and wait for God's perfect timing. I'm having a hard time remembering that I'm not in control of most of this too.
    {{{hugs to you}}}

  3. Oh, wow Lori, I am so so sorry to hear about your sister's loss and in many ways yours too as an aunt.

    I will be praying for her and for you. My hope is that your sister can find comfort in God's peace and His plan even when we cannot make sense of it all.

    My hope for you is that your time in Europe will give you time to clear your head of the stress of this school year and hoepfully to really just live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of God's creation as you explore areas you have never seen or experienced.

    Thank you so much for sharing the nursery withe me. All of the clothes spread out on the floor that way creates such a space of life and hope. My eyes filled with tears and my heart was full.

    Your little girl has no idea how fortunate she is, but one day she will not only know it, but will bask in the belssings that you and John will provide.

    Have a fabulous time on your trip.
    Remember to live in the moment.