Friday, June 20, 2008

Viva (or vive?) la France!

What a wonderful day! As you can tell by the title, I don't speak so much French. Or German. So, whether it is viva or vive, I loved it! We went to a great little town, and forgive the spelling right now, Zussenleheim or something to that effect, known for it's pottery. There was so much fabulous stuff! I was very proud of myself...held restraint. I got a container for kitchen utensils, which I had planned to do, and a sweet little piggy bank for the baby--it's an adorable pastel colored elephant with a key...too cute. We also got chocolate croissants--YUM.

We then went from there to Strasbourg--which went back and forth from the French hands to the German hands several though it is French, most speak German as well. Actually, being in the Alsace region, there is some unique dialect that incorporates French, German and even English a bit. We went to the Strasbourg Cathedral, famous for none other than Notre Dame and a lovely dedication to the American forces for their help with saving Alsace. My nephew and I climbed the 330 spiral, steep stairs to the top of the cathedral, and though my legs shook after, I'm glad I did it--he's so teenager now, it's hard to still love on him without him hating it :)

After, we went on a river cruise of the Ill was GREAT! We saw all the town on a beautiful and sunny day and enjoyed learning the history through headphones. My niece helped me pick out two Christmas ornaments (I also bought a little pink heart ornament that said "Baby's First Christmas," for when we finally get to use it...) and then we came home. Just a lovely day. I loved it.

On the adoption front, we got another message. Apparently other clients sort of complained to our caseworker that we didn't get the dossier changes in a timely fashion--I was not one of the complainers, though if that was the case, it doesn't settle well with me. I guess it's just me, but there were rumblings of things changing, they change all the time, our agency had to send some paperwork for accreditation proof, and as one of the newest to the country, that may have taken longer, and maybe they just got the requirements. I'm ok with it. Now. Like I said the other day, I was NOT ok. But there's a I'll wait to see what it is.

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  1. I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourself! It sounds like a lot of fun. I LOVE exploring different countries and learning about the history and customs of the area. Drink it all up and have a blast! I am also glas that you are able to blog---we all get to share in the experience. :-)