Friday, June 13, 2008

You've got to be kidding me...

Well, back to the old drawing board.

The lovely dossier that I thought was complete sans the immigration approval? Yeah, well, today Ally sent out the new checklist. Some of the same stuff, but 'substantial' changes as she calls them. Uh, ya think? Now we have to get a psych eval, I have to get a new medical cert as my doctor is gone and I need her signature or a new one altogether, our realtor's license, new home study cover sheet (since the COMPLETED HOME STUDY cover sheet I certified TWO DAYS AGO has things that are no longer needed) new certification, new authentication for our marriage licenses (oh, and now it is saying that they need to be Apostilled? I need to ask Ally about that) the FBI clearance--though we have one already, we didn't get our card back and it isn't stamped the way it now has to be...and the list goes on. Though this is supposed to make things easier? Yeah, right.

I'm so sad. After ALL the work I've gotten done, now to have so much more...and to be leaving for A MONTH and not being able to do anything. I just feel so helpless because in about 12 hours, I'll be incommunicado for the most part and my baby girl (who I am now DEFINITELY convinced is not conceived yet) won't be home as soon as I was hoping. I know, my problems are small apples compared to so many of those on the boards who are in the midst of worse--I guess it's that feeling of loss of control that I now have since I will be gone.

Not sure when the next posts will be, but I'll try to keep updated on everyone and pray that everyone out there waiting for their children has a contented heart knowing that while they may not be in your arms tonight, they are always in the Lord's.

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  1. I know it is frustrating that you can't get started right away on the new additions to the dossier but I still hope that you are able to put it all out of your mind long enough to ENJOY your vacation. The timing is ALL in God's hands anyway! Best wishes to you Lori! We'll miss you so check in when you can.