Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh, the frustrations!

So close, and yet, so far...our home study is STILL not done, mainly because we want the numbers our CPA verifies to match the numbers in the home study. The information for the home study was in February, CPA (who is VERY STRICT) is using numbers from April 30, and it is common for the financial numbers to need updating to match as they are often done at different times and money situations change even in a couple of months. The big thing, though, is like I said, our CPA is VERY particular, a trait I admire, but a trait that is also causing me and Ally some frustration. In our income letter, she uses median income info from 2006--which is the most current available (and she parenthetically says that it is the most current available) but Ally said NO WAY because it is 2006 and this is 2008 and the CPA letter doesn't even need what year the info is based on but our CPA is putting it there anyway. I emailed her and asked her to just word it as based on the most current data available and leave out the fact that it's from 2006. If not, then well...heck. I don't know. We've already sunk a ton of $$ in her, I REALLY like our CPA, and she and Ally have had several conversations that I wish I was a fly on the wall for based on each participant's side of the story!! Funny, though, Ally said to just let her keep calling her and she'll argue for me. I don't know how far that will get me, though, because it seems as if there is no love lost between the two. Who knew?

On the name front, John actually used the words, "Emma Grace is a nice name, Lori." Which, I must say, is about as much as I have ever heard from him on any name opinions. I like it a lot too, but I still like Jane a lot as it would honor my mom. Emma Grace would be Strong, All Consuming, and in the Divine Favor of God. Emma Jane would be Strong, All Consuming and the feminine form of John--which is The Lord is Gracious. They would both be very appropriate. So....of course, at this rate, I'll have TONS of time to think about it. Ha ha...and I planned to have my dossier in by June 14th. Ahh...silly me and my thinking that I had any control in anything.

Oh, and I'm just watching now NBC declare Obama as the democratic nominee. Guess we know who our president will be in November. Look, whatever your political beliefs, it's my blog and I can say what I want to say. I TOTALLY respect those who may have opposing ideas, and truly feel that is what makes our country great. Bottom line is that I am not really thrilled with anybody for President--though I am a conservative (Baptist, no less), pro-life, military spouse who believes in prayer being allowed in school if children so choose, I am also (or would like to consider myself) an educator who realizes the SEVERE lackings in school, a woman frustrated with the disparity in our country between the haves and the have nots (and I blessedly consider myself a have) and don't necessarily feel PETA goes about getting their point across in the most appropriate ways, believe wholeheartedly in the humane treatment of all animals. I prefer the Washington Times to the Washington Post but also have NPR on in my radio fairly regularly. Not to mention that I read John McCain's book and consider him a true American hero, but I worry about his age. I love the fact that he considers himself a Reaganomics man (yep, I loved Reagan) but also really appreciate Obama being faithful in marriage for all these years. Regardless of who wins in November, I will do as I have done every night before I go to bed. I will pray that God grants them the wisdom and compassion they need to take care of our wonderful country.

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  1. Fantastic post! So many comments to make...
    First, I LOVE Emma Jane as was previously stated by me in last comment. Hooray that John is finally seeing its beauty. I think we have a winner!
    Second, get a new CPA? I have no idea what to say about that one.
    Third, you have summed up my thoughts, perhaps a majority of the countries thoughts, on the election. He is too old. And I just don't know enough about the others. I knew I liked you!