Thursday, June 19, 2008

There was sun AND it was warm!!!

Well, two days in a row and it has been sunny and warmer. Beautiful day, actually. We went to a very small international bazaar, emphasis on small, on the other base right near here. Then we went to a biergarten for lunch. What a concept....they are basically restaurants with playgrounds outside so the parents can sit there with their beers and the kids just run like banshees all over the place. It's brilliant--the Germans just say--"oh, it's okay...their kinder...let them play." Amazing.

Tomorrow we are going to Strasbourg. I am excited about the new places we go to, but I have to say that I really don't adapt well to change, or new situations, or foreign languages, or foreign anything as much as I really would like to. It's the anxiety, the control freak in me, if you will, that causes me to just really be uncomfortable. Not so much that I am not enjoying myself, but enough to say I will be glad to be back with familiarity. That's sad too, because when you get outside of the United States, you really, truly realize how isolated we Americans are--even though we think of ourselves as a cosmopolitan group of diverse people with a melting pot mentality, it's very sad when we as a country worry more about the life of Paris Hilton rather than what's happening in Africa with oil hostages--which happens frequently, apparently. I love our country, great military wife that I am, but we as a country really need to realize that there's so much more to the world than what's on the cover of Star magazine. my soapbox. As always, I pray for our leaders and I pray for our country. And I try to be informed and make informed decisions. That's about all I can do.

Off to France....reading on the boards about age and how our I600 needs to have the same age as our home study...not sure mine does. But hey, what's one more hurdle? Ha ha.

And, it seems that Emma Jane won. I like that because of the homage to my mom, but several family members say it sounds too much like Imogene.'s some new stuff to try.


  1. Well, Lori, Your blog is interesting. I have never been outside the U.S. Well, come to think of it, that isn't true I was in Canada before. But not way outside of the U.S. Anyway, thanks for serving our great country. I agree that, as Americans, many of the things in which we are interested are so shallow. I am not a big fan of Jay Leno but sometimes I watch Jaywalking when he asks the public questions about our nation's history and am appalled at how little we know. Not that I know much myself because I hated history in school but now wish I would have paid better attention. Oh well, again thanks for serving and be safe.


  2. Love hearing about your vacation!

    I was just having an email conversation with A about how to list the age that we want. What age do you think your documents say? I think we're going to choose "under 24 months".

    Wishing you well as you continue your travels.