Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A tiny update...

Okay...let me just say that cruise ship reliability for the internet is not so great and very expensive. So...haven't been able to blog much and won't be able to for very long now...in a nutshell--

Lake Como was BEAUTIFUL! Lunch on the way was in Lichstenstein (sp?) and WAY expensive ($150 for sandwiches and soda for 5) and I loved it ALL! I didn't see George, but that's okay...loved it anyway!

Cinque Terre, Italy was GORGEOUS!! I loved it. I loved our little B&B (though you would NOT BELIEVE the hills to climb. I am SOOO in shape right now!!) and it was absolutely wonderful.

All I can say about Nove in Vicenza, Italy is QUE BELLA! I bought some REALLY great pottery at some ROCK BOTTOM prices. That place was INCREDIBLE, and dinner at Paolo's Nogarrazo Trattoria was an exceptional treat. Unbelievable food and service.

The ship is HUGE, we've had a lot of fun, enjoyed some great food and two ports so far. Yesterday, Athens...what can you say? To stand on the rock where St. Paul preached? To see the Acropolis and Parthenon? Majestical.

Today, where I am right this second, is Mykonos. The most beautiful water I have ever seen, and you know I love pretty water! Nude beaches, kind of freaky for me...must admit, and some younger crowds on the beach, but an amazing city with some amazing architecture.

And there's sooooooooooooooo much more...I just don't have time. I have bought several little cutesie things for the baby, whatever her name will be, and can't wait for her to have them.

'Til next time....

Okay, forgive spellings. Spellcheck not working!


  1. Fantastic Lori! Thanks for the update. What an amazing life experience you guys are having right now. The memories will last a lifetime! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Wow! It all sounds AMAZING! I'm glad you spent the $ to give us an update because I have been wondering what GREAT times you are having SO far away. Seems you have already been gone for so LONG. When will you be back home? Anyway ENJOY and share pics with us when you return. Can't wait to see what cute things you have bought for your baby!