Monday, June 16, 2008

Luggage found, language lost!

Woohoooo! My bag got here last night! Hot shower and clean underclothes never felt so great! I had to do some 'talking' with a lovely gentleman from Lufthansa, but we eventually came to the understanding that if I had to pick my bag up myself, when they found it, I would, BUT I was going to get my bag--regardless of whether it was convenient for them to drop it off or not yesterday. Hmmph...I got stuff like:

"Ma'am, your bag is in Germany, so that is good for you."
"Uh, sir, it is not where I am in Germany, so that's bad for me."

Later in the conversation, after putting me on hold and finding out it wasn't, no, it WAS, in Stuttgart...

"Okay, great, now you know it's in Stuttgart, when will it come?"
"Ma'am, I cannot predict the future."
"I realize you can't, but surely you can give me a time frame?"
"Ma'am, it depends on the weather in Stuttgart, the staus (traffic), how many bags we need to deliver..."
"Sir, I am IN STUTTGART, it's lovely. I will be here for a few weeks, so I don't mind if your driver incurs a little traffic, and I don't care HOW MANY BAGS YOU NEED TO DELIVER. YOU HAVE ONE YOU NEED TO DELIVER TONIGHT--MINE!"

So...after we agreed that it would just be in Lufthansa's best interest to get my bag to me ASAP, it came last night. Ah...thank GOD so many countries teach their children English.

As for the heartbreaking news of not even being CLOSE to being done with my dossier, after some clarification from Ally, we are not in as bad a shape as I thought. We DO need the FBI Clearance, we just need to change a couple of things on cover letters that we already have done, we DON'T need our realtor's license or a psyc eval (due to the fact that we signed on before June 1, 2008--any clients that signed on after will) and our medicals are fine for now, but when we get the updates, we will need the new rules. Apparently, Ally's computer had a problem with some changes she made to emails, so we got an email that was meant for clients after June 1, but she sent out some clarifications (and a response to my questions) so I feel better. Still some work, but my heart is so much lighter knowing that some major hurdles are not hurdles any more. They basically are mirroring Kaz, and I thought it was funny because on the email from her on Friday, at the bottom of the page in the right-hand corner, KAZ was written in light grey print, as if it was the name of the document. I am guessing that Kyrgz is probably working to mirror Kaz (and maybe some of Russia?) or at least our agency is, so whatever...just as long as I don't have to basically start over again!

Okay...gotta go --even though it's light out side and almost 10 (different sun over here!) I need to try to sleep. I love that at least for the next week or so, I have email and internet access...I can keep up, at least a little bit!


  1. Just for the record... I think A's computer glitch was EXACTLY the same as last time. Whatever! I spent NO time worrying over the psych eval because it clearly did say Kaz at the bottom of her papers to us and I just KNEW she had edited another countries requirements and they would not be required of us b/c I had printed out the official documents required on the Kyrgyz embassy website a week or so ago. Atleast the requirements are MUCH more concise and easy to understand now so that's a BIG improvement.

    And I'm GLAD you made it safely to Germany and now have luggage too.

    Stay in touch!!!
    My email addy is: monica 1216 at yahoo. com

  2. So glad you finally got your bag and perhaps even better is the fact that the changes for the dossier are not as different as you had once thought! I know that is a great relief for you!!

  3. So glad your luggage is with you now and that things are looking better in the dossier department. Keep the faith -- it WILL happen!!