Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've got the right stuff!!

Ok, warned....this post is going to SCREAM with my excitement about going to see....


I know, I know...they are men, husbands, dads...even a little bit creepy in their new video with those little hoochie mamas they are dancing with, but I don't care. I LOVED THEM in my high school days. Let me emphasize the word LOVE just a little bit more. LOVED THEM. I had my room covered with their pictures, magazines, scrap books--sang all the songs, loved the dances, went to see them in concert (with Tiffany!) and basically worshipped everything that was NKOTB.

Now, I should tell you, I feel like sort of a heel because the ticket is coming via a sweet little girl's decision to be kind and let me have her ticket. Nanci, of Nanci's Nikes, bought two tickets--one for her and one for her sweet 5 year old. This was before she knew that I LOVED them (funny how we find out things about friends in the oddest ways) and thought she might be able to talk her daughter into Disney on Ice or something like that so that I could go and be a crazy fanatic with her. She let her daughter make the decision (THANK YOU, GA) and she decided that Miss Lori should go with her mommy. So, now, I get to go!! 3rd row seats. They cost an arm and a leg, really, but will be SO worth it if nothing for the good time we are bound to have together and the lovely trip down memory lane for me. I'll just be Hangin' Tough until October. Ha ha.

As for adoption news....well, glad I rushed around to do all I did yesterday. Because today was NADA. I had a terrible migraine, and was out of my Imitrex (AGGGGGGGHHHHHH) and since I no longer have a doctor (thank you, military health care) and couldn't get an appointment (again, thank you military health care) with anyone else...I suffered. No matter, though because after faxing all that stuff to Ally, and emailing a couple of questions, I heard nothing from her today. So...maybe she finally got tired of me being a big pain in the butt. I know I would! Honestly, though, there's a LOT to go through, so I am sure she is just going through it. I had already resigned myself to not getting to actually send the dossier until I got back in July, and that's still the case, so no worries.

I'll save my worries for the fact that I am about to leave the country for A MONTH and have not yet packed a single thing. Not one thing. I am leaving tomorrow...well, at least for mom's, since she lives by Dulles and we leave Saturday AM, and have NOTHING prepared. No mail stopped, no medicine refills picked up, no itineraries for family members in case we need to be reached, nothing but my little Rick Steve's Italian popular phrases book I bought yesterday. I'm crazy. I would like to note, though, I do my best work, and always have, under pressure. I think that's why God gave me the wiring he did--as much as the anxiety KILLS me, He knows that I thrive under those MUST DO conditions...and I really do. So, I am not worried about packing. I'll pack what I can, get what I can get done tomorrow done and be off to Europe for a month...praying I come back to my lovely little immigration approval form.

Thanks for the comments about the gas pump! In hindsight, I laugh hysterically. That is so typical of my life. Good friends of mine say that those kinds of things only happen in LoriLand. I agree. LoriLand is a quirky little place to live, let me tell you!

Until the next post, I'll Be Loving You Forever! (TOLD YOU I WAS EXCITED!)

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