Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't rule out December...again.

Well, we saw Dr. Polko today and she also basically said, "Don't rule out December." I may have mentioned that my OB's office is pretty laid back, as in they basically listen to the heartbeat, put a measuring tape on my stomach and say, "Yep, you're good," each exam. I've been chalking that mostly up to the fact that I see Dr. Sweeney so regularly and as Dr. Davis said two weeks ago, what he does is quite a bit more advanced so what they do at my regular OB appointment is sort of redundant at best.

Well, Dr. Sweeney is all about Matthew, so today I had Dr. Polko do the internal exam so we could see if he was even thinking about making his appearances...and found out why they are so 'laid back,' about exams and stuff--they H * U * R * T!!!!!!!!!! A lot. I did not think it was possible for her arm to be any further...well, anyway, it HURT. She then told me that's why she usually doesn't do those exams until 40 weeks--she KNOWS they hurt and she doesn't really see any point to doing them until 40 weeks or more anyway. I am in total agreement with her at this point, and can say I will *NOT* be voluntarily requesting to be checked.

As for the results of the check....nada. In fact, it's never a good sign when your OB says, "D*mn, woman, you're tight." She then told me I was dilated a centimeter, maybe...and maybe 30% effaced. We then discussed making plans and she essentially told me that I needed to try and sucker the other two doctors because she's seen too many bad situations come when we tried to bring babies out before they were ready. As for Dr. Sweeney's recommendation of making a plan for 39 weeks? "Yeah, well, he gets to look at them in there. (pointing to belly) *I'm* the one that delivers them and I know what I've seen." And again, she has a point. She said she figured that Dr. Shonekan would be ok with scheduling an induction on the 23rd, but that still wasn't the best case scenario because I could be stuck in labor for 3 days and then have to do a C-section anyway. NO WAY! I'd rather just schedule a C-section. To which she said, " don't really want to do that--at least not at week 40. Maybe 41."

She was not plussed by the fact that I am swollen up like Jimmy Dean sausage links, nor that I am not sleeping at all, nor that I am not able to breathe. "You're breathing. You'd be dead if you weren't." You'd think that I'd be aggravated by her attitude about it all, but I'm not. Because all that aside, as I was sitting there crying, she got up and hugged me and said, "I know. It hurts. It'll be ok." So, while I am miserable, it won't be that much longer and I can make it.

She's right. I can. So Matthew, come whenever you want. I'm not making any plans for you coming. I know they'll want probably want to induce at 41 weeks, and at that point, I may make a decision about inducing or scheduling a c-section, but other than that...if you want to be born in December, fine, be born in December.

Just remember that the closer your birthday is to Christmas, the more bleak your present situation looks. I know lots of people who HATED having their birthdays so close to Christmas because they felt shorted on the presents. I'm just saying....


  1. December is a great time for a birthday ... all those parties! Of course, November is good too ... turkeys and pie ... he'll be here before you know it!

  2. Yeah Icm and 30% is pretty far off from being ready to have Matthew. Regarding the um checking situation, we have women come in every other day thinking they are in labor starting sometimes as early as 36 weeks if not earlier. They start getting that um checking thing that early. Some people get "pregnantitis" and find every reason in the world to come in. You have done GREAT with this pregnancy even with all of the pain. Matthew will be here before you know it.

  3. Matthew, you gotta hang on until our phone call...your mommy and I have to deliver together! hahaha! As for the Christmas gift thing, tell me about it. Joshi'e birthday is the day after Christmas and I admit he totally gets ripped off!

  4. The last few weeks always seem the longest!! I know he will arrive when he is ready and I can hardly wait to see pictures of his sweet face!! Good luck...I will be praying for you!!

  5. Your OB seems smarter, wiser and more caring than most I have encountered. I'm glad you're okay with her care because I really agree she's telling you the truth and looking out for your best interest and many OBs out there are not so compassionate and more willing to just schedule the surgery. Never know anyway you could go into labor today! Here are a few tips off the top of my head:
    1. Getting into water (bath or shower) early in labor will slow down your labor but getting into water later in labor will speed things up.
    2. Squatting opens your pelvis OUTLET but narrows the INLET so you don't want to squat early in labor because that makes it harder for baby's head to descend.
    3. If labor starts during the night try to rest as much as possible. Don't jump up and run to the hospital. Even just laying on your left side and "pretending" to sleep would be time well spent just letting your body do the work it knows how to do. If labor starts during the daytime try to ignore it at first for a few hours and just go about your day. When you are REALLY in labor beyond the point of no stopping it -- you'll KNOW! :)
    4. Try to stay upright and pacing around on your feet during the day. When you get to the hospital stay up on your feet too. Don't let someone make you get into bed or feel like a "patient" because you're not sick. They might make you get on the bed to check dilation & effacement when you first get there but ASAP get up off the bed. You and Matthew will both get through the labor faster and you with LESS pain if you don't lie down till the VERY end.
    5. My personal opinion (based on MY expereinces) is to not let anyone break your water unless you are VERY far into labor and baby's head is at a + station thru your pelvis. CPD is the number #1 listed reason for c-sections but most of those are actually for asynclitic presentation and without your water intact it's hard for baby to correct their alignment in your pelvis. Sometimes babies get stuck and then a c-sec really is necessary.
    6. read, read, read more on so you'll know everything you need to know.
    7. ENJOY your labor the way you have enjoyed your pregnancy. It's part of Matthew's life story. Plan NOW to remember during the worst part of labor that it is only temporary and will pass and soon you'll be holding your sweet baby!!!

  6. Ok, so send word in to Matthew that a Christmas birthday STINKS. As a baby born ON CHRISTMAS DAY, I got royally rooked all my life. You CANNOT have a party on your birthday -- no one will come. The good restaurants aren't open so you can't go out to eat (and who would want to go with you). You pretty much have Waffle House and the movies. So, I'm just saying ... he might want to get a move on!! :-)