Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take a guess!!

Well, due to the overwhelming interest in guessing when Matthew will make his grand entrance to the world, I figured I'd at least make it a little interesting. I started a guessing game on ExpectNet and anyone can play. The interesting part is that whoever guesses closest will get a $25 donation made in their honor to the charity of their choice. I realize that won't fund major operations, but it can buy a couple of mattresses for someone in Kyrgyzstan or go toward researching the cure for Cancer, Lupus, Heart Disease, etc., or help make someone's Christmas a little warmer or well-fed--you get the picture. At the very least it is fun to guess and winning helps someone less fortunate.

So...go here, or click on the button on the side (I think) and take a guess!

As for Mala's inquiry on how Matthew's arrival will be announced, I can say that Facebook will be updated by John and he also has a distribution list put together on his Blackberry that I *think* he can use to email if anyone wants to send their email address. I'm sure I'll blog...just not sure when!

The countdown clock said 20 days last night. Unbelievable. Any day now!!!!


  1. I don't have a date but I am guessing we get on the plane the same day you deliver!

  2. I have made my guess -- I chose Josh's birthday/time, but I went ahead and changed the size. I figure Matthew's not going to be 1/2 oz shy of 8 lbs! :-) Can't wait!! You know if I win John Wright gets the $$ so it's a win-win for everyone.

  3. I added my guess... of course I still think it may be the weekend of the 13th....

    And I almost put a "girl" coz I like longshots!