Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a little bit more....

Yesterday, I bought Matthew a little Christmas gift. We realize that at this point, he'll be maybe 3-4 weeks old at Christmas and will not have a aside from the sweet little train stocking (with Matthew's name, of course) we picked, finishing up things on the registry we still may need and the recordable Night Before Christmas book I got for him yesterday, there is no more shopping for him necessary.

I cannot express how much joy I have had in shopping for Matthew. Every little outfit, every little toy....I just imagine a sweet little boy giggling and gurgling and without a care in the world...and I realize how very blessed we are.

Then I look at John's site and tear up thinking of all those little ones. Little ones for whom $5 means the world. Little ones whose lives are so hard and so desperate that living in the dump is not only an option but a very distinct reality.

I am truly amazed that $300 has already been donated to have a pie thrown at me. I asked John if he was secretly donating!!! Those 60 little sweethearts who will get a taste of what Christmas is like humble me....especially since a measly $5 is such a MONUMENTAL amount of money for them.

I know there are lots of people doing this challenge, and honestly, the money ALL goes to the right place, so pie or not, it's the donations that count. But if you haven't donated, and can, even just $5, I'd be so happy. More than that, another little boy or girl will be given a taste of hope...and know that there *are* those that care.

To read about how it was last year, go here:


  1. So whaddaya think, eh??? Matthew or the girls first? You will definitely win for delivery no matter what but it would be funny if you delivered the day we got on the plane!! What a hoot!

  2. You know they spelled Matthew wrong, right? Not that I can talk. Why can't blogger have a spell check on the comment box.

    Enjoy every minute!!!!

    And go you on your fundraising!

  3. Cute stocking! I was a little confused for a sec on the Lucas ... but then picked it up (I am sharp like that).

  4. Yeah, Lucas will be our back-up, I will be pretty inconvenient with all his OTHER personalized stuff, but at least the stocking will match....