Sunday, September 13, 2009

Matching dogs, matching clothes, matching bellies!

Today we took Dixie Belle to an open house for agility training that was for the members of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland and surprisingly, she did well! A month ago when I signed on to take her, I figured that since we'd just lost Raleigh, it might be something good for Dixie to do and though I doubted John would be home, we could handle it because I doubted Dixie would be very interested in being agile. Ha ha. Well, John did come home (yahoo!) and Dixie surprised me with her confidence in attempting some of the obstacles. Granted, as we were all in line for the first practice of just walking over the jump things, she decided she was not going to participate and wriggled her way out of her collar, BUT....once we wrangled her back into her collar, she was impressive. So impressive that we signed her up for agility classes starting in October...nothing championship, mind you, but for an hour a week for five weeks, she'll be able to work out some energy, play, please her daddy and show her skills.

Another member of the group has a sweet pup Josie, who reminds us a lot of Dixie (though Josie is a bit more obedient!). Josie's mommy is also pregnant, about 2 weeks ahead of me. This just must show that by this point in pregnancy, one does not care to buy more clothes and will make do with what one has...we both showed up wearing similar outfits--right down to the bellies.

Boy, is my face looking FULL!


  1. You look wonderful.. I am so happy for you all!

  2. I think your face looks beautiful and far from full!! You look FABULOUS pregnant!!!

  3. HAHA!! That is so funny! I love tank tops on pregnant women.