Monday, September 28, 2009

Matthew Does the ER

Well, John always tells me that he can't believe I am immune to the "beep...beep....beep....beep" sound the answering machine constantly when we have messages, but he's right, I am. I am HORRIBLE at checking messages. HORRIBLE. That's what I have caller ID for. Of course, it helps when I check it thoroughly too.

Had I, on Friday, I would have gotten the message from my OBGYN telling me to go to the ER. Unfortunately, I didn't get that message until last night. And boy, oh boy, last night I had some heavy duty Braxton Hicks contractions and almost DID go...but knew I was going to talk with my OB this morning so I just rode them out.

Then, when I talked to their office this morning, they said to go directly to the ER and rule out a blood clot in my leg and check those cramps out.

And after spending the entire day in the ER, the following was found:
  • I do NOT have a clot. Thank God. Without being too invasive, they can only surmise that the extra weight I am putting on my feet, plus probably leaning more to one side since my back hurts so much on the other side is maybe pressing or pinching a nerve and I need to stay off my feet as much as I can. Not bedrest, just take it easy and stay off feet if I don't have to.
  • I have been having some strong Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm not dilated or preterm, thank God, but again, need to just take it easy.
  • I DO have a UTI. Which is actually surprising, since I have had not one symptom of that. I still don't believe it, but John's not letting me get away without taking the meds and thinks the doctor has no reason to make it up, so I guess he has a point. Ahh...the joys of being a teacher and having to ration your bathroom breaks.
  • Matthew is STILL quite a monkey! The poor nurse had to basically move and hold the monitor to get his heartbeat because he just kept moving. Oh yeah, he's wiggler! Big time. I love it.
  • I am SOOOO back on the epidural and/or "General Anesthesia, wake up and there's your baby" train after today! After the birthing class, I thought, "I bet I could do that with just the Stadol or something like that...I want to do what's best for Matthew." Well, I've decided that if Matthew's mommy is DEAD from the pain, then that's not good for him and I'm going to have to do the drugs. I blame this all on the internal exam...and I loved the nurse's comment: "This 'aint nothing." Dear Lord, I can only imagine something.'s about to be done, whether I choose it or not, and I'm going to take the advice of taking it easy and letting my little monkey get bigger and hopefully move into the right position. Tomorrow we see the specialist, so we'll see him again. I bet he's going to be moving....that's his favorite thing to do!


  1. So glad to hear it was not a clot. TAKE IT EASY! Matthew is not done cooking so he needs a little more time in there.

  2. OH MY!!! Glad it's not a clot! Those are NO FUN!
    Time to take it easy, ok?

  3. Yep, time to take extra super special care of Mommy!