Sunday, September 20, 2009

For comparison...

Well, on April 27, I looked like the snake that ate the mouse:

And now, on September 20, I look like the snake that ate one million mice...or a very weird-shaped yoga ball:

Yep, same dress. Pre-pregnancy bought, by the way....thank GOD stretchy fabrics have been in!

On another, very important note (because the two belly pictures were soooooo important, right?), all through church this morning, I had things I wanted to say to Matthew (who, as always, was thoroughly enjoying the worship music!) and must write them now to make sure he always knows where mommy stands.

In Sunday School, we are doing a study that focuses on the question, "Do all religions lead to God?" and it is very interesting. It is thought provoking, challenging and convicting. The most important thing I got out of it this morning was this: There really are three questions one must ask to be a Christian and to know that even in this world of relativism and what's good for you may not be good for me blah blah blah....there IS truth. Jesus was either a liar, a lunatic or LORD.

Jesus was NOT a liar. Not only are there tons of historical documentations out there that back up many claims made by Him in the Bible, research the top 5 religions of the world and see that even THEY revere Jesus as a respected and holy man...they don't necessarily see Him as the resurrected son of God, but the respect that Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and others give Jesus as a holy man and/or prophet should be somewhat of an indicator that even founders of those religions did not believe Him to be a liar...lest He not be worthy of their respect.

He was NOT a lunatic. He may have made claims that in His day were considered heresy and unbelievable, but again, look at historical documentation and see that His claims and miracles were always backed by often multitudes of people. Lunatics claim crazy things and then nothing comes of them. Jesus made claims and did things that no one else could do, and astounded those who doubted. He proved Himself, though He did not have to, and lunatics simply cannot do that.

He is Lord. And because He is, we can believe Him and His promises. And Matthew, this morning, I couldn't stop crying thinking about how very blessed we are that He is faithful. It took over ten years, but He has given you to us and with every little kick and movement you make, you are a living and breathing testament to the fact that He is Lord and He knows the plans for you. All week long, I've had "Above All" in my head or on my Ipod in the car, and then lo and behold, we sang it church...and again, I just wanted to fall on my knees out of gratitude for what I have been given in my life...

Matthew, I want you to know--whenever you question or doubt or wonder--mommy's been there, trust me. Far more often than I'd like, if truth be told. But make no mistake, you are a wonderful and glorious creation sent to us directly from God. You are loved far more than you can imagine by your mommy and daddy, but Jesus's love for you is immeasurable. Whenever you are down, whenever you feel like you are alone and don't even know what in the world this world is about, remember that Jesus knows your heart and loved you enough to sacrifice His life for you...He loves you above all else, and I want you to always have the feeling of security and peace that comes in knowing that.


Laid behind a stone.

You lived to die,

Rejected and alone.

Like a rose,

Trampled on the ground,

You took the fall,

And thought of me,

Above all....


  1. Beautiful post, Lori! Matthew is being knit together in his mommy's womb by the Creator the world. Still can't get over how amazing that is. :)

  2. Lori,
    Just checkin' in on you and little Matthew...
    GREAT post!!
    Little Matthew as well as his proud Mama and Daddy are all equally blessed!!! What a great Mama you will be.. teaching him about Jesus... AWESOME!