Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 Weeks...

Today we saw Dr. Polko for the 30 week appointment. Hard to believe that we are already at 30 weeks, yet another 10 weeks seems sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!!! Matthew is still breech, though Dr. Polko says she's seen babies turn as late as the day of delivery. I have no doubt that happens, but as Dr. Sweeney said, "Real estate is getting expensive in there," (referring to how cramped baby boy is right now), I'm not sure how easy that will be for him. So...options will be: a) Attempt manual inversion. Not my favorite choice and luckily not Dr. Polko's either. b) Wait until I go into labor and see where he is. If he's turned, super. If not, C-section, decision made that day. c) If he's still breech at 38 weeks, schedule a C-section for anytime after week 39. Probably my pick of all three, only because I like the knowing of the plan part. In any event, he still has 10 weeks to make his big move, but I seriously wonder as he has spent the last oh, 25 weeks or so right where he is...head right under my rib and feet tickling right below my belly button. Guess we'll cross that bridge as we get there and in the meantime, I see the doctor every other week now for the next 6 weeks and then weekly after. We see Dr. Sweeney again on the 29th and then again probably at the end of October, beginning of November and that will be all that we see of Matthew until he makes his debut. I'm getting very anxious about seeing him and what he will look like. I wish, wish, wish I had more infant pictures of me, but I don't. I know somewhere around is my newborn hospital picture but not yet have I come across it. I have several 'baby' pictures, but not many before 3-4 months...and not really many more after that....luckily, we have a few more of John, but I'm just dying to compare them and see this little miracle. Deep down, I hope he has something of his Grandma Jane's and something of his Granddad Ennis's---we still miss them so and nothing is as healing for loss as seeing your loved ones in new life. Whatever he looks like, we can't wait!


  1. You may want to be more specific and request that you hope Matthew has any of Granddad's qualities OTHER than the Ennis head.

  2. It's funny that you talk about pictures of you. You see, that was the thing that made me search for my birthfamily. After having Josh and having NO baby pictures of me before 22 months, I wondered so much if he looked like me (poor thing, eh?). Turns out, when I found baby pix of me, he did. I can't wait to see him too! I am so excited for you guys!! Do you think if you do cartwheels he'd flip too?