Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy does the nursery.

Well, I've been alluding to it, but have no choice now but to post the pictures! John got in last Thursday (yahoo!), recovered Friday and bright and early Saturday, was up and at 'em. I knew from that look on his face that it was not going to be a nice, relaxing Saturday. Nope. It was going to be a busy, productive one.

Ok. I was up for that. Sitting doesn't help my back one bit and really doesn't make a difference for the swelling in my feet! So....we hit Lowe's, and I am just thinking we will be *looking* at paint ideas for the room. Again, NOPE. John is gung ho to pick them out, has brought the picture insert from the bedding and is explaining to me that low VOC is a gimmick and as long as we air the room out with plenty of time, all will be fine with the paint. (I sort of lost the argument when I couldn't remember what VOC stood for and he just thought I was on the latest froo-froo bandwagon.) After deciding on the two tones of paint (something blue--maybe Blue Satin? and Cloth by Laura Ashley), we headed back toward the chair railing. We picked that out--well, he picked it out and I said, "Mmmhmmm," and as we walked by the flooring, John said, "Let's check that flooring out."

We walked down the aisle, looked at the flooring we had already sort of decided upon and lo and was on sale! At this point, I have decided that a nap was probably not happening, and John decided we might as well get the flooring too. Twelve boxes of the flooring later, and we were FINALLY on our way out. I was LOVING Lowe's that day because we asked if they were still giving a military discount (10%) and they WERE! This is often iffy, so we were feeling very lucky that day! That discount saved us over $70 and we essentially got all the things we needed to convert that room for quite a bit less than I expected. Again, thank GOD John can do all the work and was motivated to do so!

By the time we got home, it was late afternoon and I didn't have much expectation for productivity, but that boy of mine is DETERMINED, to say the least. I felt bad, so I helped him tape (he'll disagree, but I touched the roll) and painted the bottom part...or at least cut in the trim. WHICH, by the way, I HATE. I hate painting anyway, but cutting in the trim is the WORST. I just don't have the patience. In any event, Matthew decided he'd had enough of me being on all fours warbling around the bottom of the wall and told me to go take a nap. Yes, sir.

I left that room with the bottom blue painted and John starting the top walls. NO MORE THAN AN HOUR LATER, seriously, I woke up and he had finished painting all the walls, taken the carpet up, taken the padding up, and put down two or three rows of the flooring planks!! HOLY COW! I'm telling you, that daddy wanted that room done! He thankfully called it a night, but on Sunday after church, he finished the flooring and got part of the chair rail up! We had Dixie's agility stuff going on, but then he worked on it when we got back and has been squeezing work on it this last couple of days in between his real job.

Tonight--the payoff....he finished EVERYTHING today, put the crib together, moved the furniture back in and couldn't wait to show me when I got home. Unbelievable.

So...without further ado, here's the far. We still have some decorating to do, a bookshelf and chair to buy and a rug to find, but WOW has it come a long way!

The beginning...

AFTER...but no furniture yet

Introducing some of the stuff...and a huge me!

Dixie and mommy...all we need is a baby Matthew!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! It's perfect. Can I borrow your husband -- one weekend would probably do it at the speed he works! Incredible. Go John!!!!

    Word verification: perfo, as in: The room looks perfo!!

  2. Love the room!!! What a productive day. I really like the curtain, too.

  3. IT'S AMAZING!!! Alex's room is the opposite (blue - but lighter for a beach theme- on top, tan on bottom). The floors are incredible. I want to come up and see it in person!!

  4. Absolutely incredible! Way to go Daddy!! What a blessing it is to have such a gung ho hubby! Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see Matthew in it!

  5. Wonderful! I love the deep blue and the nursery furniture. You look adorable too, cute dress!

  6. The room looks fabulous!!! Way to go John!!!!

    And I love the valance!!!! SO cute.

    And of course, you look as cute as ever!!!

  7. Wow, I love the room! What a transformation! Can I please borrow John for a weekend? :)


  8. It's adorable! Love the colors and chair rail...thinking about that for the girls' room as well