Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mommy's day....

Oh boy...what a long day. I really ought to be in bed right now and will be shortly. I thought I'd blog about my comedy of errors day, though, for posterity of course.

I was EXHAUSTED getting up this am. Yesterday I felt tired I couldn't move for about 2 hours straight. Literally. Could not lift my arm....worried I may have strep throat as a teacher at school had it and was in school for a bit before she FINALLY went to the doctor. Anyway, I chalked it up to pregnancy and ragweed being awful.

Then today, my school nurse *advised* me that I should call my OB and tell them I've been in contact with some illnesses that would require treatment. I don't want to cause panic, and I doubt anything is going to come of it, but after talking to my OB, she said to go straight to my primary care doctor and be tested for a few things. So...though I feel a bit better today, I still am not 100% and my primary care nurse told me to come in tomorrow at 10. I have to see someone, for CDC purposes, and can't just get blood taken or a swab done. Lovely. As I said, I do not feel that I have anything other than sheer exhaustion and allergies, perhaps strep. In any event, since every medical professional I talked to today told me that it was better to be safe than sorry, I'm going to go along with them.

So...tired as I am, I stayed at school longer than I should have to get some stuff done before the long weekend (which will be really long since I have my wonderful friend Jenny coming to visit and I am psyched!) and I'll probably be there long tomorrow. As I drove home, John told me that mom's dog Lola had a *pooplosion* when she got home. This on the heels of us coming home the other day to Dixie having the same issues...for days. Nothing more fun than cleaning up poopy-butt all night long. So, I called mom to apologize for Dixie getting Lola sick and immediately knew something was amiss in MY house when I walked in. Apparently Dixie's flu-bug is not over. Hooray! More *pooplosion* to clean and poopy-butt too! Not to mention, more pepto to shove down her throat and more rice to cook for her for dinner.

I cleaned ALL things needing cleaning up and then while her rice was cooking, I started to clean my Spot-Bot (the BEST little carpet cleaner EVER!) out by filling the sink with hot, soapy water to suck it through the tubes and clean them out. Yeah...well, that didn't work so well. What instead happened was the little rubber filter on the dirty water container popped off and flooded the floor. The rugs bled. The water fled. Dixie came to check it out. It was a fiasco.

Long story short, I cleaned it all up, fixed it all, finished her rice, cleaned her up AGAIN, and FINALLY sat down with some of mom's beef stew she made for me before she left. Thank GOD for homemade beef stew. It makes everything better. Mostly.

I'm now going to bed and it is barely 8:00. About 2 hours later than I wanted, if you ask me. Matthew, I realize that I'll have many days like this with a wee one like you. The thing is, with you, at least at the end of pooplosion or something to that effect, there will be some snuggling involved. Dixie's pretty leery of me because I keep shoving pepto down her. Honestly, I can't blame her.


  1. Oh Lori, I'll be praying for you that you just have allergies or a little bug. Sorry about the dogs too...poop issues just suck.

  2. Maybe you're just worn out from all that cleaning!! ACK!

  3. YUK -- poor Lori. I wish I were close, I'd come help you clean doggy poop and stuff -- really, I would. AND... I don't want to be the bubble popper, but if Matthew gets meds crammed down his throat (like Dixie) he won't want to cuddle either. In fact, it will require six grown men to hold him down when he sees you coming with the syringe. *smile* There likely won't be any snuggling. Sorry, the bubble has now been popped. Don't say later that SOMEONE didn't warn you. What friend would I be if I didn't, huh? HUGS. Go to the doctor. Get well -- REST, please.

    Word verification: Sails as in, "Lori sails through poppy cleaning in an effort to get to bed sooner."

  4. Lori, how are you doing? Hope you are feeling better. Found your blog through my sister (Amber). By the way, Amber has finally updated her blog - great new pictures of the twins.