Sunday, September 27, 2009


Matthew--your first game was fabulous! Take out the fact that mommy's back and ribs were KILLING her, there was rain ALL DAY LONG, we had some slight ticket issues (all worked out for the best) and the porta-potties pretty much made me want to throw up and daddy and I can still unequivocally say that it was SO worth it! No one thought we'd beat Miami and yet--we not only beat them, we KILLED them! We went with our long-time Hokie friends Kevin and Melissa and Chris and Bridgette and had a great time. Two weeks ago, when we planned this trip, I was feeling much more mobile than I currently am, so I was sort of wondering what the heck I was thinking yesterday. Then, standing in the stadium with 66,000+ other people, I remembered: I was thinking that I was a Hokie and that's just what we do. We suck it up and pull it off.

We bought you a couple of cute little things to get you started. I loved Auntie Nanci's Facebook comment about helping you take a path down the Wahoo road, but rest assured, just in the shirt I was wearing yesterday, you've already been branded a future Hokie!

Mommy is wearing a shirt that says, "Future Hokie" and has an arrow pointing to YOU!

Beginning the tailgate process. It's raining, but just getting started!

Rain's getting a bit heavier. Introducing the Great Pumpkin.

After we've tailgated...and are headed to the game. Wet, but not drenched. Yet.

Before we headed to our seats, Melissa and I took a bathroom break!

We met up with Daddy and Uncle Kevin...who thought it was funny to take a picture of my back because I had my pillow under my poncho and I looked like a Hunchback. Nice.

You TOTALLY loved this cookie! SO DID I!