Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Mama...

Per Cindy's request, I figure I can post a progress picture or two...these are from a fun outing I had with one of my cutie patootie little girls from last school year. We went to a movie and lunch (which was actually popcorn and Cheesecake Factory's Blackout Cake, but poe-tay-toe, poe-t-ah-toe) and she and her mom wanted belly pics. Actually, believe it or not, I did too since John has been gone forever and I wanted to keep him up on the progress. If you are a Facebook friend, you've already seen it, but since this is for Matthew's book too, here they are: About two Fridays ago...

It was a VERY hot day...gotta love the humidity!

My poor little sweetheart is totally being covered by all that is ME (and Matthew)!


  1. You still look so TINY!!! How can that tiny belly be hurting your back so much?? Not that I doubt he is, but you look fabulous...waiting for the whale pictures that never seem to come...

    PS - I always think tank tops are about the best things a pregnant gal can wear.

  2. THAT is what you call a pregnant belly??? need to eat more pistachio ice cream or something! hahah!