Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daddy Rocks!

Just a quick little second to tell you how much your daddy rocks, Matthew....he (thankfully) made it out of the wilderness, though he slipped and fell flat on his back on some rocks on the last day so I hope that doesn't haunt him for years. He called me from the airport in Minneapolis a few hours ago and told me he bought a book. I thought he meant a book to read on the plane. He then prompted me and asked if I knew what book he bought. All-knowing as you will find your mommy to be (ha ha), this one escaped me. I expected to hear some war or dog title (favorite subjects for him). Nope. He proudly said, "Have You Ever Seen a Moose Taking a Bath?" He bought you a book, even though he CONSTANTLY tells me that you already have a library (it's true, you do!) upstairs. He's just too darned cute and so excited to get back home and see you move all over my tummy. I'd love to say he was excited to get back to see me, but even Dixie agrees--we might be second-fiddle to you right now. Actually, she told me that *she* may be second-fiddle. I'm third!
Anyway, here's what your new book looks like. Daddy's first book for you!


  1. That looks like a FABULOUS read!
    Glad the ol' hubster made it out of the wilderness!

  2. That's the kind of Daddy who will go in search of a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car one day if little Matthew becomes obsessed. So glad he's coming home!