Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So grateful....


Mommy's very tired today. I have been back to school working on my classroom and in just another day, I'll be back full time. I'm already tired just thinking about it. I just got off the phone with daddy a little while ago, and was sad because I miss him but also because my back really hurts and I am worried about how things are going to go in the next few weeks and months. I'm really stiff and sore, tired and achy. Then I came across this video at Kelly's Korner and realized that even as stiff and sore, tired and achy, worried and frustrated as I feel right now, I am so, so, so grateful that I can feel your little acrobatic moves and know you are right there under my heart. (Although my lungs would like you to move a bit, but they know better than to ask!) It is an amazing miracle that I have this time with you--no one else on the planet will ever be as close to you as I am right now, with you safely inside me, waiting for your nightly Lucky Charms. And as uncomfortable as it is right now, I really and truly can't thank God enough for the unbelievable blessing you are, regardless of the discomfort. This video just reminds me that it'll be all too soon and you'll be on your own...and these days where it is just you and me will be priceless, no matter how sore my back was. I so love you, baby boy, and though I never will want to let you go, I know God has special plans for you and He'll see you through them. In the meantime, I'll love and cherish you and give you all you need as you find your wings.

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  1. STOP MAKING ME CRY!!!!!!!!!

    *sniff, sniff*

    I've got something in my eye.... Be back later...

    *sniff, sniff*