Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy's a fabulous photographer!

At our appointment on Thursday, John took some videos on our FABULOUS little camera...Seriously, this camera was well under $200, takes awesome still pictures and the video is pretty good too! It's small, has great zoom and captured THE moment...the moment MOMMY WAS RIGHT! I tried to play around with it, but didn't get too far. Darn it. Guess I'll have to actually READ some more and figure the Photoshop Video program out. Of course, I just tried to upload it and it wouldn't let me, so here's the raw video that proves mother's intuition speaks volumes. Hopefully, I'll figure out why the one I made in photoshop doesn't work. I reported the info blogger told me to, so we'll see...awww, heck...I'm having trouble with just the stupid little video clip.

It may be easy to tell that this post took a good 40 minutes to complete--base that assumption on my cheery mood at the beginning of it and my FRUSTRATION now. I'm trying ONE LAST TIME, BLOGGER, and then I'm going to bed. (I'm sure Blogger is quaking in its boots.)
One more thing...since WHEN was this character (!), my much-loved little exclamation point, NOT allowed in a post label? UGH.

Oh, for Heaven's sake. Take my word for it. He's a boy. Who wanted to see the video anyway?
(Written 53 minutes after I started typing...and I'm a VERY fast typist.)

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  1. FYI -- I've given up on blogger and videos. It's too hard; too long. I just upload to YouTube and post it that way. Try that!