Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I just love Jack Johnson and really loved his music for the Curious George Soundtrack when it came out....then I thought about how cute a couple of those songs were for my little monkey and was determined to make a music background for the blog. MUCH to John's dismay. He said he HATES music on the background of blogs and I told him maybe he just needed to like the songs...and he loves Jack Johnson. The Dixie Chicks? Not so much (me neither, really, but the gal wrote that sweet little song for her son and since there are hardly ANY baby/little boy songs, I'll go with it).

Anyway, I spent, literally 2+ hours working on that last night. I went to several different googled sites, followed directions, yada yada. I am not truly high tech, but I'm certainly somewhat clued in. So, you can imagine my frustration. I Facebooked my status and went to bed.

Well, Marnie commented on my status and told me to go to a website I spent a good amount of time with last night (with no success!) and today? Voila. Thank you, Marnie, for whatever it was that worked today and didn't last night!!!

So, now the question is.....and put your honesty hats on, please, is the music distracting? I admit that I often find myself turning the volume down on blogs I go to and music is playing. I am not sure why, because I always *look* to see what the music is and I love finding new songs, but John does have a point...I tried mine this morning and it was a little hard to read because I was listening to the song. I'm throwing it out there then....music or no?

Oh, and one more thing--is anyone else who blogs find when doing spellcheck that words they TOTALLY spelled correctly are coming up as misspelled, then the *suggestion* is spelled EXACTLY THE SAME? Is spellcheck really just trying to make me crazy?


  1. Honestly, yes, I find music on blogs to be distracting and immediately mute the volume. I'm not sure why! Though I LOVE Jack Johnson, I had to turn him off to read through your recent posts. Sorry...you know I love you, though! ;)

  2. I think you just have to turn down the volume. Oh, I think the link worked because it was already set up for blogger.

  3. I usually don't have the volume on my computer on anyway, so it totally doesn't bother me. HOWEVER, that being said, if my volume IS on, I will mute it b/c I have the attention span of a gnat and I can't read and listen to music. Crazy, huh?

    AND... my spell checker on blogger has been doing the SAME thing. I thought it was just me. Glad to know it's not.

  4. I actually love music on blogs, and I just mute it if I'm sick of it. There have been some blogs that had such perfect music I would cry...I say do whatever you want. It's easy for us to turn it off!

    security word: smenes, meaning smelly men.

  5. Blogger has been doing the same to me as well for a couple of weeks...wasn't sure what it was but hopefully they will fix the bug soon!