Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bye-Bye Music...

Oh dear Lord...the music drives me nuts. Cute, love Jack Johnson, love the Upside Down song, but the music bothers me. That was my fear considering on other blogs *I* turn volume down, so the music will have to go. I'll save it for cute little videos I make once I figure out Adobe Photoshops Video Premier program. Add that to my list.

John felt Matthew kick for the first time two days ago! I'm feeling it more and more, and finally am getting some kicks that even Daddy could feel. Matthew likes sugary stuff, apparently (Moose Munch, anyone?), and is pretty active just about ANY time I *lay* down. Ha ha...that'll be fun in a few months, huh? In any event, Daddy was very excited about feeling him and I love that he enjoys this pregnancy so much. Then again, growing babies is HARD so I bet it's pretty fun to be on his side--watching and experiencing without the physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, sleepless nights, ligaments tearing, sore chest (those's like they are in a race with my stomach..and they're actually putting up quite a good fight!), and oh-so-many-more *fun* things that accompany human growth.

My favorite response so far? "You ate the apple."

Ha ha...actually, *I* did NOT eat the apple, and I'm fully aware that this is all what comes with bringing a human being into the world. Doesn't mean that it's comfortable. I'm a good 10 years+ past the point where most of my peers had their kids, don't even hit 5 feet and was 97 pounds (wet) when I got pregnant. Yes, my body is amazing and God made it capable of glorious things...but doesn't glory often come with a price?

And worth it? Absolutely.

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  1. Moose Munch is WONDEFUL!!!!!!!

    So where's the updated pictures???

    Word verf. MAGICA - yes it is!!!