Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving on.

Okay, so after having a good cry over our answering machine (which says, "John, Lori, Dixie and Raleigh can't come to the phone *insert Raleigh barking*), and listening to John tell me last night that he couldn't even look at my blog because that last sweet picture of Raleigh made him...well, made his eyes sweat (Marines don't cry), I have to help move things on.
He's been pushing for more pictures, so I guess I can put a few up.

Me before Baby Birthing Class

I need to preface the next picture with the information that I did NOT necessarily want to do a 'belly' shot, but my friend Deb (who was with us) and John kept pushing for it, so I did ONE. You can tell by my face it was not of my own will. I'm posting it, however, because I cannot BELIEVE how big I look--and since this book is for Matthew, he should know that it is THIS STOMACH (okay, and maybe those 'girls') that's making mommy's back hurt SO MUCH!
This is 21 weeks and 4 days...basically 5 and a half months. I'm already growing out of a lot of the maternity things I have...and have a while to go still! YIKES!
Don't get used to this pose.
As for baby birthing class, we passed. John kept trying to be class clown (which he got away with since we had just found out about Raleigh and no WAY was I going to give him a knuckle sandwich then) and really, it was pretty much stuff I knew. In fact, I found myself getting aggravated with people who were telling other people information like they knew what they were talking about. I guess because we went the "engineered" way, and I am an information-aholic (not to mention, married to Daddypedia) I am WAY more educated about a lot of this stuff than the average first time mom. I didn't really get too much new information from the nurse giving our class, which was sort of frustrating because I would rather have been with Raleigh, but we did practice some breathing and it was hammered in to John that his job was to make me comfortable. So, something accomplished. In any event, I still say, even in a birthing class, when showing the videos, there should be a "WARNING--GROSS STUFF COMING" disclaimer before they just flash to the money shots of childbirth.
EWWW. I will *NOT* be asking for a mirror for the process. Trust me.


  1. The naughty, evil side of me (yes, there is one... shocking) has the biggest urge to take my own belly picture for you... cause sadly, I still got you beat... and I'm not 5 months pregnant. I. am. sad.

    Anyhoo - I love it! I can't believe you're beyond the half way point already! Did they mention that kids have the magical power to speed up time? They do. I'm still trying to figure our where the last 8 years went!

  2. Very cute belly Lori. You'll be glad later you have that. I did one every month but I didn't share it with others.


  3. I think you look fabulous! I can't believe how far along you are. Not too much longer!!!

  4. I just love the belly pictures. You are so going to have to post some 9 month pictures. LOL! Those videos are really disgusting but it is such a miracle from God that an actually living person is inside of you that you will get over the disgusting parts. Keep us posted.

  5. Lori you have SOOO been sucked into the dark side! I love it! Right before you pop, take a good close one for me (just for me...stretch marks and all if you get them).

  6. You look great Lori!

    It's interesting reading your thoughts on the birthing class. There's ALWAYS more (MUCH more!) to learn with regard to birth and even how to make a c-section expereince more plesant too. Glad you got thru the class. That's such a milestone! Keep reading and learning tho. It's nice God gives most moms that whole 9 months during the pregnancy to REALLY get ready for the big event. If you're bored with the technical pregnancy and birth info read some "sociology of childbirth" type books! The book titled Birth As An American Right of Passage is old but NEAT and ANYTHING written by Suzanne Arms is worth your time! Look some of that up on Amazon or see if your library has those books.

    Always wishing the BEST for you!!!