Friday, July 3, 2009

Some options...

Well, since Matthew is a boy after all, daddy gets to pick the bedding. (Plus, I don't get the Vera Bradley diaper bag...girl I did, boy I didn't.) So, we've been looking at a few things and wondered what others are a couple of pictures; let us know what you like!

What pilot daddy can resist an aviation theme?

Daddy has always liked his tropical fish!

OR...can't decide which we like better.... ARE our little monkey already....


  1. I like the one with the crab!!! Very simple, but very, very cute!!! Congrats baby boy!


  2. I don't even know you personally, however, I get the feeling that this little man is soooo lucky no matter what his room looks like!!! We decorated our son's room when he was born and he asked us recently to change it to an airplane room. So I painted it a gray/blue, then added clouds at the top of one wall. I went to Cost Plus World Market where they have a great airplane for sale. I used that along with a couple he already had, hung clear string and attached it to the ceiling. They look like they are flying in his room! I ordered dark gray vinal decal's off Etsy. One is a flat map of the world with an airplane and it's jet stream flying over, and the other is a vintage airplane. It turned out amazing. Decorating with airplanes might stick with him longer than the other ideas.......just a thought. Although you can't go wronge with any of those choices!
    Have fun! That's the best part of waiting, getting everything ready and prepared.

  3. Ok, I will take my lumps and admit gladly I was wrong and you were right. Congrats *smile*. I like the airplane and also love the new blog look. I think you should deserve the VB diaper bag I have the Mediterranean blue one.. its so perfect for a boy. *wink* Beth

  4. I like the airplanes!! Although B had a Nemo room in Oregon--I can stencil those (and starfish)if you'd like!!
    Hey--how bout coming in late July for a HUGE consignment sale in Manassas? I go every year (3 times)...VERY worth can stock up ALL you want for a fraction...!!!

  5. MONKEYS!!!! It will be more fitting when Matthew is a toddler...think ahead as that is only a couple of years away! But what about a transportation theme or construction theme or farm theme? Both Matthew and Josh (we didn't have Kenny when he was little) preferred trucks and cars!

    Regardless of what you select, I'll bet $100 you are a totally great Design Chick, unlike me, and it will be beautiful!!

  6. I was going to pick the airplanes until I saw the monkeys! I love the monkeys! Especially the colors!

  7. I have two little girls, but I thought I would weigh in anyway. I am partial to the airplane theme I must admit. However, I will say that every little boy I know loves anything with an engine. Airplanes, trucks, or trains. I like the second fish theme one because the crab stands out and being that he will be born in MD. The monkey theme is so cute too! All you need to do is choose one and I know he will love it. :-)

  8. I'm thinking you already have your mind made up, but I love participating in polls ;) My vote is for the 2nd fish look...the one with the crab. I love the bed skir that looks like waves. I guess I am partial to this theme since I went with a tripical/Key West theme for Little Squirt's room...little fish included!

    With that said...they are all CUTE. And for the person who said that boys will like anything with an engine...girls, too. She loves cars, trains and planes. Maybe that's what I should've selected :)

    Have fun decorating...and I LOVE the crib.

  9. I like the monkies! Very cute and different from the normal "baby blue".