Monday, July 13, 2009

We'll see...

Well, do not ask why but in a serious procrastination moment (actually, trying to get some relief for my back will be my story!) I googled "What will my baby look like?" and came across this website. Not necessarily having the best pictures loaded on this new laptop, I figured I'd still see what came of it. So, here's what says Matthew will look like.

I have to say that considering the pictures of John and me used to 'morph' were not the best pictures, as I was sort of in a hurry (an awful by-product of procrastinating!), I'm don't think that the kid looks too bad. I still envision brown eyes and maybe not quite the wide forehead, but compared to a 'morphed' picture we got 12 years ago at Dave and Buster's, we'll take this kid any day! That picture 12 years ago nearly scared me to death and reminds me (scarily) of the locals Mala encountered last week. Seriously.


  1. Now that is one cute kid!!!!!!!!! But c'mon, you know he's gonna be a cutie! He's got super genes!

    Now off to morph what my and Ralph Fiennes baby would look like.. SQUEEEE!!!!!!