Monday, May 25, 2009

Someone call 911...

...because let me tell you, I've been ROBBED!

I should start by saying that I readily admit that though I am not a Trekkie, I do like Star Trek, did like it when it was actually a television series, have seen the movies, can recite the "Space, the final frontier" opening, and can even (on good days) make the Spock hand salutation. So, since today was a freebie day for John and me, we decided that we'd go see a movie. There were several out there we'd like to see--A Night At the Museum, Terminator, Star Trek. So, decided on the 4:10 showing of Star Trek.

The movie theater around here STINKS. It is a travesty. It is also a testament to how local this county is because we were SUPPOSED to get a fabulous new theater a few years ago, but the city council member/St. Mary's Founding Fathers descendant/owner of the crappiest movie theater EVER put a stop to that really fast by making some deal with the developer to give them the land at a better deal if the developer DID NOT build a new theater and instead built a BJs. (Which is nothing compared to Costco, but what can you do?) Seriously, this theater is awful.

The carpet still smells like 1970 and the seats may be circa 1981. The price of the movie tickets is highway robbery, but worse than that, the concession stand is selling popcorn and soda like along the scales of some coke dealer. It's ridiculous. The theater we were in was small and stinky and the screen was too small for most every preview. The movie started about 15 minutes late (hey, when you're the only dog in town, why perform on time?), and the bathroom? I fear I may have to start some antibiotic courses on Monday based on the amount of germs with which I probably came in contact.

It'd be one thing if the movie theater even came CLOSE to supporting the ridiculously outrageous price of a ticket, but this place is just a sin against man and has made me so mad. I'm writing a letter to that manager (like he or she will care) and letting them know that I will NOT be back. Ever. Annapolis may be an hour and 15 minutes away, but worth every penny. I don't know how families can take their kids to every latest and greatest movie that comes out because John and I dropped $25 on just the tickets and a dumb little kiddie combo for some popcorn and a drink. A normal family of four would have to really save up just to go to the flipping movies! So, I hope Molly (or Matthew) enjoyed it because that may be the last movie she (or he) goes to in a long time. It would cost less for John to finish the basement with his projection room and buy the movies as they come out!

As for the movie? Loved it. I think they did a great job of finding actors who really captured their future selves' attitudes and personalities. Plus, it was a good storyline. Okay, maybe I'm a little Trekkie.


  1. ACK! We have a theater like that near us... and then right down the road and brand spankin' new one. Unfortunately on occassion, the Theater O'Yuck gets the better flicks. It's a real toss up as to go to the germ-a-rama or just wait for it to come out On Demand. We usually pick the later.
    But we also just got a new 12 screen IMAX theater with all the mind-blowing bells and whistles. It rocks. Just saw Terminator there.
    So long story short, wanna see a film - come up here!
    Oh and you rock for winning that bag!!!!!!

  2. This is why I love living in a tourist area...while we are far enough from Disney to not have to deal with the tourists, the surrounding areas (well, most of them), are still very nice with pleanty of theaters to choose from.

    Oh, and I loved the movie too! Very well done. Congrats on the bag you crazy girl!

  3. What a dive of a theater--can't believe it stays in business.

    I love the new Star Trek!

  4. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one of us that is a closet trekkie. I hate to call myself that too, but I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs every night. It is a good show, leaving the viewer lots of interesting things to think about.

    I do agree that what theaters (even nice ones) charge to see a movie is criminal. How can you not have a nice movie theater in your area? We even have one in Montgomery!