Monday, May 18, 2009

How cute is he?

Seriously, I know I've been going ga-ga, goo-goo over how cute my boy has been lately, but it keeps getting better! So, I'm going to gush again...but I'll need to, because in my mind I've been composing my thoughts on the whole Jon & Kate saga and frankly, if I hear or see one more person accuse that woman of being a b*tch or shrew or naggard as if ANY OF THOSE qualities entitle a spouse to cheat, I'll scream. But more on that when I post that.

For now, my boy...

So, in making my little FB rounds, I see John's awesome cousin sent John a message about being poked. This intrigued me, in that John is hardly ever on FB, so that he was was sort of unique, and I also wanted to see what they were talking about because in this same message, his cousin mentioned a term that we all researched a few years ago together, and well...WOW. It was one of those who knew? And truthfully, it was NASTY when we found out about it, so unless you are dying to know, I'll refrain from naming the term. ANYWAY...this all prompted me to go to John's page and see what it was all about...not much on that front, but I did see several little status updates that John has been making over the past couple of months...

March 26--he tells his old girlfriend (another story for another day, trust me) about the "babies' and she responds delightfully. (This is not necessarily indicative of his cuteness, but considering 12 years ago he caught up with her in a letter that detailed his whole life, BUT failed to mention to her THREE WEEKS before his wedding that he was getting married, telling her this is a big step for him.)

April 5--John Michael Ennis saw one healthy heartbeat on Friday from his unborn child. (Awwwwwww....)

April 24--John Michael Ennis is wondering how anyone gets through 40 weeks of pregnancy. he is a nervous wreck anytime Lori has a pain. (Hence turning himself into a walking Wikipedia on pregnancy so he could explain it all!)

Isn't he cute? My favorite is him wondering how anyone gets through 40 weeks of pregnancy because HE is a nervous wreck! Yeah, try CARRYING THE BABY and wondering how the heck it's getting out of there at the end of the 40 weeks!!!!

Last night he told me he's pretty sure it's a girl too because he saw what the doctor saw. Whatever! He saw what I saw which honestly was not all that easy to interpret. Well, for me at least. Dr. John, OB-GYN? Yeah, not only did he see baby girl's girly bits, he then went on to draw me a little illustration of what it looked like. He is a NUT!


  1. It really is quite possible that he knows what girly bits look like more than we girls do...

    (PS...I want to know the term...)